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Balloon Weights

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Balloon Weights — Pretty and Functional

Air balls are a beautiful and inexpensive decoration for any celebration. They can be used to hang them on walls, tie them to furniture or leave in any parts of the hall. If you want your party decor not to hover under the ceiling and remain in the thickness of the air, you should get weights for balloons. Are you planning a party? Hurry up and order all the necessary accessories at Balloons Online shop!

When May I Need to Use Weights for Air Items?

Installing gigantic inflatable adornments, you need to take care of fixing them firmly. Otherwise, it can fall or even fly away from a gust of wind, which will not add to the festive mood of the guests. You will definitely need balloon weight centerpieces if you decide to:

Install Air Decor

You're not likely to have a good celebration if your photo area or 3D garland are unstable, and you have to correct them constantly.

Hold Huge Shapes

Tying a rope to a mylar figure won't look aesthetically pleasing. It will help if you fix it on securing weights to hold down balloons and make them look alive and walking.

Game Attributes

If your celebration takes place outdoors, you can't do without fun games. These sinkers can serve you as an attribute for games with your guests.

Keep Airy Fountains

It’s quite popular to spruce up festive tables with small delicate party goods. Ordering weights for balloons on tables, you can be sure that your adornment will remain in its original state by the end of the celebration and won’t fly away.

Balloons Online Offers You Wide Selection of Holders

Pick up decorative sinkers according to your design concept or personal preferences. In the Balloons Online catalog, you will find decorative balloon weights in various shapes and colors.

Foil Holders

Accessories in the shape of neat mylar pyramids may vary in volume. For example, small weights will hold down to 3 balls, medium-sized sinkers will hold up to 10 inflatables, and a large one will hold a bundle of 20 items.

Magnetic Weights

If you like restraint in your decor, then you should consider colored balloons and magnetic weights for them. It will look simple and stylish!

Water Base Sinkers

It can be a great choice for fans of minimalism or a good tool to arrange an outdoor celebration. No unnecessary details, but the look is very elegant.

How to Order Holders for Balls?

If you decide to give balls as a gift or use them to decorate the hall — keep in mind to buy holders. A small product will keep your party decorations from flying up into the sky or hanging from the ceiling. Decorate your space in style with our accessories! You just need to choose items you like, add them to the cart, and place an order.

Why us? Because Balloons Online carries a wide selection of party supplies, flexible pricing, and personalized service! Don't believe us? Order your balloons weights wholesale from us and see for yourself!