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Tassels, or balloon tails, are a marvelous personal touch that elevates any gift from one to ten. You can use these colorful reflective stripes to tie together a balloon bouquet composition, decorate a party venue, or make any present look a hundred times more gorgeous and fancy. Tassels are widely popular at bachelorette parties, birthdays, and baby showers. 

At Balloons Online, you will find the largest selection of high-quality shiny tassels in any color and size. Our store always takes account of the clients’ wishes, providing top-notch customer service and shipping the goods as fast as possible. 

What types of Balloon Tassels we offer:

Our store offers a wide variety of balloon tassels both wholesale and retail, making sure small family gatherings and big corporate parties get the best deal. Additionally, in our store, reasonable prices and high quality go hand in hand. Yes, you can buy cheap balloon tassels online and still get cream of the crop items. 

Plain Balloon Tassels

Plain balloon tassels are great for corporate parties where the atmosphere remains rather reserved, but the venue still needs a little kick. Elegant plain balloon tails make the room look royal in no time. 

Multicolor Balloon Tassels

If you need a touch of color, this is where multi-shade tassels come into play. Fun kids’ birthday parties, school events, and pool parties – these are what bright multicolor balloon tails are made for. 

Metallic Balloon Tassels

If the party requires a fancy final touch, metallic balloon tassels are something that will be your venue makeover. If plain ribbons are not the solution for you, shiny reflective tassels can become a whole decorative piece. 

How to use balloon tassel tails in decor?

Tassel garland for balloons

These decorations are extremely popular at weddings and birthday parties. Making vertical garlands with big balloons may be a great substitution for a wedding aisle. This project requires several packages, but purchasing balloon tassels in bulk will still be much cheaper than creating aisles and garlands with real flowers. 

Table décor

Placing vertical tassels attached to balloons at both sides of the table is great festive décor for a family dinner or a formal party.

Toy dragons

Since tassels look like dragon tales, you can use this similarity to your advantage by creating a fun and interactive toy for a kid's party. Draw a funny face on your balloon and use multicolored tassels as the body.

Parting wishes for college

Use tassels at a graduate party, combining big balloons with wishes written on them, and vertical tails.

How do you attach a tassel to a balloon string?

You can attach a tassel to a string by wrapping the tails in layers over a string and securing them at the balloon neck.

How to order tassels for balloons on Balloons Online?

You can order inflatables and decorative balloon tassels for sale at Balloons Online, making your party the most anticipated event of the month. Our store presents you with a plethora of inflatable toys for any occasion and taste, for both retail and wholesale prices. To make your purchase, simply select an item, put it in the cart, check out at our store, and receive your goods within several business days.