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Have you ever thought of creating an incredible party while not spending tons of money on decorations? Flowers and edible arrangements look nice, but they are not intended for every budget. The good thing is, there is always a solution for every budget, and this solution is called AirWalker balloons.

What are Airwalker balloons?

Helium AirWalker balloons are huge inflatable toys you can purchase as a present or install as a piece of decoration in your living room or outside the house during a party or at any other social gathering. These toys look sturdy and can withstand pressure and weather. They are almost adult-size and can be a substitute for heavy decorations like wood and metal pieces for your house. These are used in décor and for entertainment purposes. At Balloons Online, you can compare sizes and colors and choose your favorite pick.

What can Airwalker balloons be used for?

Wholesale AirWalker balloons have multiple uses because they are good on all sorts of occasions. These toys can be a present in themselves, as well as the decoration part of a party. Here are their most frequent uses:

Events decorations

Whether you have a social gathering, a family function, a wedding, or an anniversary, feel free to install such items as decorations to fill a space in the house to maintain the overall theme for a party. These cuties are better than heavy and hardly mobile decorations you will hide in an attic afterward. In addition, balloons are easy to deflate and reuse. For instance, walking animal balloons work great at kid’s parties because they are more than a decoration.

Birthday decoration

Someone’s birthday is a great reason to buy AirWalker foil balloons. These babies will help you create an unforgettable atmosphere for cheap and without worries. You don’t have to think through your composition and arrange every detail because you can create a beautiful venue in a couple of minutes. Just order your goods from the site, get them in one-day shipping, inflate them with helium, and enjoy instant decorations that will glow up your party!


Walking balloons can be a stand-alone gift because of their size and quality. Now you can purchase a perfect present for someone’s birthday or a child’s party. It’s the quickest and the simplest way to come up with a gift idea without having to splurge or wait for weeks for the package to arrive.

How long does an AirWalker balloon last?

AirWalker balloons wholesale will last you for days, if not weeks. Because they are made of a combination of Mylar and foil, these babies can withstand active play and serious pressure. They are immune to bad weather, but it’s better not to create temperature contrasts because helium can deflate.

We offer a wide range of AirWalker balloons in wholesale and at retail

Balloons Online presents customers with a range of walking balloons wholesale and retail at competitive prices and for every taste. You can find a list of categories, such as:

  • Halloween decorations
  • Animals
  • For mothers
  • Characters
  • Winter holidays
  • For weddings and anniversaries

Where to buy AirWalker balloons?

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Don’t miss the chance to shop for walking party atributes that will light up your party atmosphere and become a precious gift for friends and family!