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Hi-Float Balloon Treatment

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Hi-float Balloon Treatment - extend life of your balloons

Balloons are such a great thing! They’re able to instantly make you feel happy, or at least sincerely rejoice and smile. But nothing lasts forever in this world, and beautiful latex balls tend to deflate... But then why do some of them sadly fall on the ground the very next day, while others, after a while, still cheerfully rush to the sky? Is there some secret way to prolong their life?

That’s easy! With HiFloat balloon treatment, you can extend the life of your lovely inflatables by as much as 25 times!

Our store offers you only high-quality High Float for balloons from trusted manufacturers. Also, you can order the product wholesale or at retail at the best price!

What is Hi-Float Treatment and how does it work?

Hi Float balloon treatment is a child-safe liquid plastic substance that dries inside the balloon to form a helium-retaining coating.

Hi Float for latex balloons is added just before the ball is inflated. Thanks to it, latex helium balls can fly in the air much longer (it increases the flying time to several days or even several weeks, instead of 6-12 hours without using the treatment) and look as attractive as if they were just delivered!

Only latex balls are treated with this coating since only this material has a microporous structure. External factors such as sunlight, high and low temperatures, and mechanical stress can affect the efficiency of processing.

Hi Float balloon spray covers the walls of the balloon and prevents helium or air molecules from escaping through the walls of the item. Due to this, the flight time increases!

We recommend pumping a little substance into the ball and rubbing it thoroughly (but gently) inside the ball with your hands. In any case, there should be no dry spots inside the processed ball, i.e. every inch should be covered with the substance.

Once inflated, the solution takes several hours to dry, otherwise, it will splatter when the balloon bursts. The composition has no taste, color, smell: it is completely safe and non-toxic. Moreover, the ball is lubricated from the inside, so any of your guests won’t even come into direct contact with the substance.

How can I order Hi-Float Balloon Treatment?

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Ultra Hi Float balloon treatment: the secret of a long flight!

There are many substitutes for the existing branded formula. However, most often, they are of poor quality: they can be too thick or too liquid, or they just won’t create a protective coating at all! That is, if you are using such substitutes then don’t be surprised that your extremely expensive helium balloons lived for one day or hadn’t risen to the skies at all!

In order not to waste your money and spoil beautiful, expensive inflatables, order only the substance made by the famous brands on our platform!