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15 Best Outdoor Party Decorations Ideas

garden party decorations ideas

15 Best Outdoor Party Decorations Ideas

Created on February 23, 2022

When spring comes, there’s no reason to stay at home, and we want to be outside all day long! That’s why we like partying outdoors when it’s warm and sunny.

If you also have something to celebrate, then we recommend moving the celebration outside, to the backyard, garden, or even forest. But how to turn your outdoor party into an unforgettable event for kids and adults?

Now we will help you to throw a cool outdoor party by sharing some of the best garden party decorations ideas!

garden party decorations ideas

Make your garden party perfect!

To decorate your garden party, you won’t need any expensive items: you can find almost all the necessities at home or in the attic, at the decor stores and markets, or even do some decorations yourself!

Flowers, fabrics, pillows and blankets, garden furniture, hammocks, and swings — all this will help turn your garden into a little comfy paradise!

Get a big tent

In addition to various garden decoration ideas, party implies creating some cozy lounge areas.

You can order an awning on the Web, or you can build a beautiful tent yourself, using snow-white fabric and greenery and flowers for decoration. Instead of fabric, you can use a canopy for a crib, shawls, or a pareo with a colorful ethnic pattern.

Light up your trees

  • It doesn't mean that you have to stop having fun when it’s getting dark around! Here are some top garden outdoor night party decoration ideas you can use:
  • decorate the garden with LED garlands, hanging them on tree branches;
  • use candles in homemade candleholders (you can use glass jars and decorate them with ribbons);
  • use Chinese lanterns with built-in LEDs.

Use neon

Neon is one of the most mesmerizing outdoor garden party decoration ideas. Use neon signs, sticks, draperies with glitter or fluorescent paper, create inscriptions on your fence using the neon tubes, add luminous cocktail glasses and snow-white table napkins to your table decor.

Use fresh blooms

Searching for unique decorating ideas for garden party, don't forget the fresh flowers (we bet there are plenty of them in your garden)!

Fresh flowers look just great on the festive table! Also, you can hang homemade bottle vases on tree branches or build flower curtains using flower buds and fishing line!

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Use pillows and blankets

Some outdoor picnic decor ideas are quite simple: place comfortable ottomans and sun loungers, get some blankets, pillows, picnic mats, and don't forget the sun umbrellas. These items will help you easily create comfy areas where you can talk with your friends for hours.

Glowing balloons

This is a stunning décor element that is very popular today at children's parties, weddings, and grad parties.

Buy mini LEDs from party supply stores — each one will cost you less than a dollar, but it will last about eight hours — and put one into each balloon as you inflate it. Group multiple inflatables to create the starlight effect!

Flower arch

A flower arch is perhaps the most common, delicate and beautiful composition among all outdoor party decoration ideas.

Pay sufficient attention to making the structure stable enough: fix the base of your metal or plastic frame with small buckets of sand a few days before the party.

Next, drape the frame with a beautiful fabric — use lush tulle, organza, or chiffon. Since real flowers can quickly wither, it’s a good idea to use plastic, fabric, or paper flowers to create the main decoration of the arch. And a few hours before the party, you can finish decorating your arch by adding fresh flowers and greenery to it!

Decorate your fence

Usually, fences do not look very festive... Your task is to come up with amazing party decoration ideas for outdoor celebration and transform your fence beyond recognition so that it also becomes a nice part of your decor:

  • make multi-colored bright birdhouses and hang them on the fence;
  • use flower pots from glass bottles with natural flowers;
  • create a vertical succulent garden planted on a fence (you only need a couple of old boards or pallets to make boxes, then you need to attach them to the fence);
  • use led-garlands that will perfectly illuminate the perimeter of the garden in the evening;
  • make bright butterflies with the help of colored paper and stencils.

garden outdoor night party decoration ideas

Balloon garland

If you’re looking for simple yet amazing outdoor party decor ideas, then opt for a balloon garland! There are several reasons for that:

  • you can use such a garland both for small holidays and large-scale celebrations with many guests;
  • you can make a beautiful garland in just a few minutes!
  • Most often, decorators use simple (but no less attractive) arch-shaped types of garlands. The other popular type is a heart-shaped garland. All garlands can include both single-color and multi-colored balloons.

Garden path with balloons

You can use balloons to mark your garden paths that lead to different party areas! They will help you create a beautiful outdoor event decoration!


  • large white helium balloons;
  • long thin ropes;
  • multi-colored ribbons;
  • ordinary garden pegs.


  • tie ropes of the same length to your balloons;
  • weave cute tassels from ribbons, make them the same length as your ropes;
  • wrap the ropes with tassels, tie them to pegs and stick them into the ground at the same distance from each other.

Candles centerpiece

  • There are many ideas that will help you make a stunning candles centerpiece for your garden party:
  • place several baskets on the table, decorate them with candles of different sizes and colors, add some greenery and flowers;
  • stretch the ropes over the tables, hang glass lanterns with candles on them;
  • use several beautiful candlesticks with candles, placing them on the table and decorating the bottoms with wreaths of greenery and flowers.

Fun photo backdrop

If you let imagination run wild, you can easily make a magical backdrop for your photo zone. Here's what you'll need:

Think about how to arrange balloons and flowers so that you can make your background look more attractive — you can attach them to the wall separately, create small bouquets, and fix your LED garland on its top with its edges beautifully sliding down.

garden decoration ideas

Ice berries

Berry ice cubes are easy to make and look just amazing! If you crush a few berries and then freeze them, then such a cube can color the water in your glass or give the drink a new taste:

  • fill no more than 3/4 of each ice cube container with berries; if you want to get the clear ice cubes, be careful not to crush the berries;
  • then pour water into the containers. It will take at least 6 hours in the freezer to get your cubes with berries done.

Make S'mores bars

A S'mores bar is one of today's party favorites, since it’s very tasty and, usually, it is displayed beautifully.

You will need some supplies, such as candles, a glass box, decorative stones, dishes, skewers, and plaques on the board. You will also need some ingredients such as chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows.

Create multiple spaces

It’s a good idea to create several party areas (for children and adults, relaxation, dancing, eating, etc.) and beautifully zone the place, separating these areas from each other.

Use different materials to create borders, such as:

  • helium balloons on strings;
  • DIY fence from long wooden racks and colorful ribbons;
  • plants and flowers in pots;
  • “curtains” made from fresh flower buds and fishing line;
  • wooden pallets decorated with greenery and flowers — or some of the above-mentioned ideas combined!

Top outdoor party decorating ideas

For many people, spring and summer are the favorite seasons that make them smile and give many reasons to have a good time with friends outdoors. Do your best to create stunning party decor — after all, this wins half the battle and guarantees a good mood for all your guests!