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Awesome Disney Princess Party Decoration Ideas

Awesome Disney Princess Party Decoration Ideas

Awesome Disney Princess Party Decoration Ideas

Created on July 25, 2022

What baby girl has not dreamed of being a little princess for at least a couple of hours? We want to help you to create a fabulous party!  All you will need is a little bit of imagination, a magic kit, and top Disney princess party decoration ideas we've picked up for you!

Princess party decoration ideas

  • Transform the interior of your home using pink translucent draperies. Use velvet fabrics to tranform chairs into luxurious armchairs for princesses to sit on. Tie satin ribbons on the legs of chairs and tables, and flower vases (add birds and butterflies).
  • Hang garlands on the walls of the room, hang decorative lanterns above the room entrance and the windows. Paste posters with frames from Disney cartoons at the entrance.
    Try to make a big decor centerpiece such as a fairy-tale castle: it will become a luxurious photo zone for a festive photo shoot.
  • Order a princess balloon figure or make it yourself: such decoration can make your party memorable!
  • When decorating a room, consider the fact that each of the Disney heroines has her own color scheme — this fact is very important for the decor of the room. Sleeping Beauty is associated with pale pink flowers, and modest Cinderella — with Sky, Ice, or Royal blue, Snow White is associated with bright colors: yellow, blue, and red. You can also use it when creating your party invitation template.

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DIY princess party decoration ideas

A good thing to know is that you can make a huge part of the decorations yourself! So here are some great princess party decorations DIY. The buffet area can be decorated with bouquets of pink, purple and blue balloons, and a huge arch of balloons can be hung at the entrance. In addition, you can decorate your room using the following supplies:

  • luminous and paper garlands, made of small crowns (they can be supplemented with hearts, stars, and numbers);
  • balloons of various types and compositions from them;
  • shiny tiaras and magic wands for little princesses;
  • tissue pom poms and craft paper lanterns;
  • serpentine;
  • confetti;
  • foil curtains;
  • vertical garlands and adornments;
  • Disney princess air walker balloons!

Making a tintamarresque with the images of all the Disney princesses is another great idea; this way, each guest will have a photo in the outfit of their favorite cartoon character.

Remember we are talking about Disney princess birthday party ideas decorations, so the main color scheme of the party are the shades of purple, pink, peach, lilac, and other delicate colors. BTW, these colors perfectly combine with gold or silver to add a glam look to your decor.

A Small Crown or Tiara

You can make either a silver or gold crown, but then the color of the beads and sequins should be golden. To make a DIY tiara, you will need the following supplies:

  • a small piece of felt;
  • large transparent shiny beads;
  • shiny sequins;
  • hat elastic (depending on the girth of your girl's head);
  • layout;
  • glue;
  • threads;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • pen;
  • ruler;
  • brush.

The little guests can take these tiaras and other fairy elements at home as party favors.

A Magic Wand

To create a magic wand, prepare the following supplies:

  • wide satin ribbon;
  • a brocade silver ribbon;
  • ribbons;
  • asterisk and rhinestone for the middle;
  • a white ribbon wide for winding a stick;
  • narrow brocade ribbon;
  • white rhinestones;
  • a barbecue stick;
  • a hot glue gun.

A cardboard castle

When it comes to princess decorations for party ideas, the first thing we think about is a castle for our princess! To make a cardboard castle, you will need the following materials:

  • cardboard boxes;
  • toilet paper packaging and sleeves;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • paints.

Make the main fortress buildings from cardboard boxes: use small rectangular boxes to make strong walls, and cardboard sleeves to create turrets. Assemble the finished parts into a single cardboard castle and fix them with glue.

Now arm yourself with paints and decorate your castle with rhinestones, ribbons, and sequins!

Tissue pom poms and paper lanterns

Light, airy pompoms instantly bring joy and solemnity to the festive decoration. To make them you will need thin paper (crepe, cigarette, corrugated, or tissue paper, or regular napkins) and a fishing line or a thick thread.

Flickering lanterns, like magical tiny lights, immediately evoke a fabulous mood and create an atmosphere of mystery. Use plain office paper or crepe paper in different colors to create your lanterns.

Disney princess airwalker balloons

And what about princess party balloon ideas? Imagine how happy your birthday girl would be when you will give her a hint that you invited her favorite Disney princess to the party!

And it really will look like the truth: walking balloons are "animated" foil figures of cartoon characters and fairy-tale heroes ranging in size from 80 cm to 2 meters. They will be the highlight of any event and will delight not only children but their parents as well. And these are our balloon ideas for princess party.

balloon ideas for princess party

Princess Party Food ideas

A fabulous party calls for magical princess party decorating ideas and a dreamlike table setting! But don't worry, it's easier than you think.

Graceful glassware and chinaware, paper decorations, mini-toppers... Decorate jars and glasses with bright ribbons and fill them with sweets of a suitable color — dragees, small marmalades, glazed nuts, cotton candy, popcorn, macaroni, pops, cupcakes, ice cream, mousses, colored chocolate for chocolate fountains, etc.

Fruit Wands

These amazing magic wands are edible! It's easy to pepare them:

  • just wash fruits and berries;
  • cut fruit into slices;
  • string fruit slices and whole berries (alternating in color) onto barbeque sticks.

Fairy Dust

Try to make fairy dust - it will certainly please your kids! Children will be able to play with the dust and shower it on each other.

To prepare edible fairy dust, you will need:

  • sugar;
  • food coloring;
  • a mixing bowl;
  • storage container.

We believe these are great DIY princess party ideas, and we hope you will like them!

Princess Cake

The sweet cake should take pride of place on your party table, and it should look amazing!

Order a cake in the form of a magic castle with a prince and princess standing on the top, or a plateau with a fairy-tale princess or Barbie and her friends, and beautifully arrange cupcakes around the cake!

 disney princess party decoration ideas

Princess party games ideas

Princess decorating ideas for party are not the only thing you should think about - games and competitions are also very important! If you notice that your kids are bored, then it's time to cheer them up!

Games and competitions with pre-prepared thematic attributes will help guests get rid of excess energy (or, vice versa, “recharge”!), give children a lot of joy and fun, and make a princess-style children's Bday party unforgettable!

Junior fashion week

Young fashionistas will definitely enjoy "The Best Makeup Artist" contest. To do this, you need to buy high-quality children's cosmetics in advance.

Girls should be divided into pairs and each pair should be given a set of cosmetics. One of the girls will have to make up the other one. As a result, the guests of the party will determine the winner or even several ones.

What’s the Princess’s name?

Competition for knowing the names of all Disney princesses. This game tests little princesses' knowledge of cartoon fairies.

Here are the possible questions that may be used in the competition: "What are the names of the princesses starting with A or B", (the answer is Ariel, Bella, etc.) or "Which of the princesses wears trousers?" (Mulan, Jasmine from “Aladdin”).

With eyes wide shut!

The game "I can see with my eyes closed who is standing in front of me now!". Everyone is blindfolded with a handkerchief, and the kid should guess by touch who is standing in front of them.

Painting the balls

For this competition, you need to buy bright colored balloons and inflate them. Each child will receive 1 ball and 1 marker. Then you put a dense dark tape on their eyes. The task of all participants is to paint the ball, depicting the muzzle of a funny animal. You can adapt this competition to the theme of the party.

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Princess party decoration ideas: DIY

You can use both traditional kids party decorations and unique ideas that you saw somewhere or came up with. Also, you can try to combine different ideas – this way your decor will look even brighter and richer!

For example, you can combine compositions of colorful balloons, a bright banner made of paper hearts, along with homemade lanterns made from LED garlands and bottles (this is just a perfect choice for your Backyard party). You can use a single element in different decorations (for example, decorate balloons, lanterns, a banner, a festive table, and chairs with fresh flowers and greenery), which will make them look very harmonious.

Princess banner

Check out some tips on creating festive paper banners:

  • choose designer paper or cardboard;
  • you can buy shiny paper — there are many options available (golden, silver, rainbow, etc.). When choosing a color, consider the color of the wall so that the banner does not merge with it;
  • there are two options to make a banner: you can cut out the letters yourself and then attach them to a rope or cut out flags/rectangles/circles/hearts, and then glue letters to them, and then assemble all the elements into a single banner.

Streamer backdrop

A homemade streamer photo backdrop is colorful, easy, and fast! Learn the trick to make a backdrop using just streamers and tape. Make one for your upcoming party!
You will spend only half an hour on making the decor, it’s quite cheap, and you will need very few materials for that:

  • crepe paper streamers;
  • masking tape;
  • scissors.

Princess photo backdrop

Set up a stage with a pink cardboard castle in the background, complete it using red, white, and pink balloons. Install a small wall behind — you can make it from old cardboard boxes and decorate it to your liking (or order a banner — “a magic forest”, for example).

Finally, create a gingerbread house or carriage out of cardboard boxes and set them in front.

We are sure that this themed party with various indoor and outdoor activities will become an unforgettable memory for the kids!