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Awesome hawaiian party decorations ideas

Hawaiian party decorations ideas

Awesome hawaiian party decorations ideas

Created on May 20, 2022

Do you want to have a stunning themed party that your friends have never seen?!

Then a Hawaiian-style party is a thing you need: coconuts, palm leaves, colorful cocktails, and fruit snacks… Is there anything better than recreating the atmosphere of a warm island beach at home?

Now we will share with you top Hawaiian party decorations ideas so that you and your guests will remember this day for a long time!

How to decorate a Hawaiian party?

  • Choose the best place where you will dance til dawn, drink cocktails and enjoy your life! If the weather is bad, you can celebrate at home, otherwise, it is best to have fun outdoors — in the garden or by the pool!
  • To create a festive atmosphere, consider jaw-dropping Hawaiian theme party decoration ideas: decorate your home with beautiful flowers and traditional island leis. It’s a good idea to use multi-colored balloons, island-style paintings, and fresh plants such as indoor palms.
  • Be sure to cover the festive table with a bright tablecloth of green, red, and yellow colors or with a large floral print. Arrange vases with fresh flowers with large buds (orchids, callas, lilies, flower arrangements) on the tables. add some scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Give DIY leis and wreaths to guests at the entrance to the party: this way, you can easily and quickly charge them with positive emotions.
  • Also, you can use such attributes as vertical garlands, LED candles, sets of forfeits, decorative palm trees, paper pompoms, balloons, burning torches, exotic fruit-shaped Piñatas, paper birds, or animals to decorate the hall, courtyard, and garden.

Hawaiian table Decoration Ideas

One of the simplest and most popular Hawaiian party decor ideas for a festive table is a traditional hula table skirt. You can put a straw cover on your tablecloth or come up with a long lush fringe from other materials.

If a "skirt table" is not to your liking, simply cover your table with a fishing net or just use a bright colorful tablecloth. If you decide to limit yourself to a buffet table or a light buffet, then you can build a so-called "Tiki bar".

Choose bright, colorful dishes, put wooden figurines, a composition of fresh flowers and fruits or candles and water, and a mini-waterfall in the center of the table. Don’t forget to decorate the chairs with flower lei.

Hawaiian cake

A birthday cake is the main sweet dish, so it should look irresistible! You can try to make it yourself, using, for example, whipped cream and a lot of fruits, or you can order a ready-made cake in a pastry shop.

You can decorate your cake with tropical symbols and edible flowers, it can have the shape of an island with palm trees or a chest with treasures.

Tropical Cocktails and Juices

Check out some recipes for world-famous drinks that may come in handy:

  • The Hummingbird cocktail: ice, 1/5 black rum, 1/5 white rum, 1/5 Southern Comfort, 1/5 orange juice, and 1/5 Coca-Cola.
  • "Apricot Smoothie" consists of 90 ml of milk, 15 ml of lemon juice, 30 ml of vanilla flavored yogurt, 2 pcs of apricot. We shake in a shaker.
  • Cocktail "Ecstasy" is made of 50 ml of banana juice, 50 g of strawberries, and 50 g of kiwi. Shake in a shaker, and decorate it with cream and fruit.

Hibiscus Paper Straws

Everyone knows that beauty is in the details, so take care of them to please your guests. Cocktail straws with hibiscus flowers make drinks more attractive and uplifting, and are just perfect for decorating your tropical celebration!

Outdoor Hawaiian decoration ideas

A Hawaiian-style party is more than fresh flowers placed in the corners of your terrace. You need to create a special atmosphere, and for this, you need to make a lot of interesting decorations that match the style of the celebration.

Bright balloons of all colors and sizes and centerpieces you can make with them, flower and balloon garlands, paper lanterns, inflatable tropical trees, eye-catching photo backdrop, Tiki torches — all this will help you recreate the incendiary atmosphere of a traditional island holiday and create a festive mood, which, in turn, will help your guests enjoy the event with might and main!

Check out some of the best tropical Hawaiian party decorations we've picked up for you!

Tropical balloon arch

A colorful grandiose arch is a frequenter of parties! Use the brightest balloons, add DIY greenery made from twisting balloons, some Mylar fruits, and bright ribbons to make your arch stand out!

Pineapple Paper Lanterns

Thinking about what Hawaiian party decorations to make, don't forget about the paper lanterns. Today, you can find so many types of party lanterns that it's mind-boggling!

Opt for pineapple lanterns: they perfectly emphasize the cheerful island style! You can buy lanterns with built-in LED lights, and when evening comes, they will give off a cozy, warm light.

Inflatable Palm Trees

Palm trees are one of the hottest décor elements for such a celebration, but don't despair if your garden doesn't have one! In this case, you can order realisticс inflatable palm trees or make DIYs using common round and twisting balls!

Honeycomb Pineapple and Lanterns

This is another eye-catching variation of a lantern that can add a touch of flair to your party décor.

Bright and colorful honeycomb pineapple party decorations can become stunning table centerpieces or hanging decorations for your summer open-air celebration!

Tropical balloon garland

Create a bright garland from balloons of different sizes and colors, add fruit-like printed balloons, and some fruit-shaped Mylar items, and decorate the garland with fresh greenery and flowers so that your guests can’t take their eyes off it!

Hawaiian themed photo booth

The photo zone is the highlight of the whole party, and your friends will be happy to share selfies taken under the palm trees on social networks.

You can mix lots of various decor elements in your Hawaiian photo zone: add balloons, flowers, greenery, tinsel, paper flower garlands, pom-poms, and shells to it... Do not be afraid to overdo it with the diversity of colors: the brighter, more colorful the photo backdrop is, the more fun the party can be!

Use Tiki Torches

Tiki torches represent authentic Hawaiian beach parties. They are fairly easy to use, and while there are many different styles, including solar and gas burners, the most popular are bamboo fuel or oil burners that serve as temporary and reusable decorations.

Pick them up from a party supply store or garden and install them in your yard.

Tropical Flower Garlands

It’s always nice to add a little extra flower decor; if you’re looking for colorful Hawaiian theme party decorations DIY, then check out this idea!

You will need the following supplies:

  • colored paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • stapler;
  • hole puncher;
  • yarn.

Making flowers is quite easy:

  • take one sheet of paper, fold it in the middle and then cut it into two identical parts. Each flower is made from one-half sheet;
  • fold the smaller side in eight identical sections to create an accordion fold;
  • attach the center of the accordion fold using a stapler;
  • cut each end of the paper to create a tip;
  • unfold it and glue the edges to make a flower;
  • punch two holes in the top of your flower to pass the yarn through it.
  • Repeat all that to create as many flowers as you need!

Dj with Hawaiian music

Music is the backbone of the success of any party, and the Hawaiian celebration is no exception!

Therefore, make sure to hire the best local DJ who will entertain your guests until the morning! Or maybe there’s a cool talented DJ among your friends or acquaintances?

Tropical balloon bouquet

Today, designers work miracles with balloons, creating bright, realistic, and simply amazing bouquets!

To create an irresistible bouquet, mix balloons of different types and sizes, use a maximum of bright colors, remember the rule for placing balloons at different heights, the rules of color and shape combinations, and don’t forget about the symmetry.

Hawaiian decorations for party

Thanks to a Hawaiian-themed party, you can add zest to your gatherings with friends and have a hot summer in the middle of winter, drink refreshing cocktails, and lie under green palm trees, making some memorable photos!

The main thing is to send invitations on time, and take care of amazing decorations for Hawaiian party; then, everything else will take care of itself in the best possible way!