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Awesome pool party decorations ideas for kids

kid pool party decorations

Awesome pool party decorations ideas for kids

Created on May 17, 2022

What could be better than a combination of cool water, hot sun, cheerful friends, refreshing drinks, delicious snacks, fun games, and amazing decor?!

By the way, as for the latter: if you manage to do everything right, you have every chance to knock everyone present dead! So, we’ve picked up some stunning kid pool party decorations that will help you make your celebration stand out!

How to decorate pool party and make tropical vibes for kids

  • Choose a bright holiday color scheme, such as a combination of orange, green, blue, and turquoise.
  • Order a lot of balloons of different sizes and colors, use both round and twisting balloons to create various tropical fruits, and add fresh greenery to make leaves and petioles.
  • If you are planning to use flowers as kids pool party table decorations, don't limit yourself to ordinary bouquets — decorate them uniquely! Insert decorative bugs on thin kebab sticks into bouquets, wrap bouquets with ribbon or a thin colored mesh. Create bouquets with unexpected elements such as butterflies or feathers.
  • There should be a wide variety of inflatable toys in the water: invitees can splash around with them and have fun!
  • Decorate the trees with a bright ribbon or garland, lanterns, and handmade pots with flowers.
  • Get enough candles: when evening comes, candles, along with additional soft lighting, will create a cozy atmosphere.

Pool party decor ideas

There are some basic rules that you need to know to make your decorations relevant and compelling, such as color combinations and the use of certain decorative elements in certain areas of your holiday venue and in certain arrangements. But remember to trust your intuition and let your imagination run wild!

Below, we will share with you the top kids pool party decorations ideas that will help you make this wonderful day truly unforgettable!

Balloon themed arches

Believe us, with stunning decoration, pool party for kids turn into an extremely memorable event. You can choose a rainbow arch that will look even more eye-catching if you install it right above the water, or a frameless arch of balls of all sizes of delicate shades, that hangs down beautifully from a tree and descends right into the water!

Sun protections tables

Although everyone loves sunlight, not everyone can enjoy it all the time. That’s why you should take care of the lounge area, where there will be enough sun loungers with wide umbrellas that provide good shade. Leave some pillows, towels, and sunblock on your sun loungers.

Summer pool party dessert tables

Each small group of guests should have their own small table by the water — it’s a good idea to get some low tables (you can even make your DIY tables using wooden pallets). Place colorful tablecloths on the tables, arrange flowers in vases, and don’t forget about beautiful containers with fruits so that children can ease their hunger.

kids pool party table decorations

Fun inflatables

Inflatable items are an indispensable element to consider when you try to create bright pool party decorations for kids. Luckily, there are plenty of inflatable items today that can turn your big celebration into a real festival of fun! Swimming mattresses, inflatable boats, a variety of floats for little ones, beach balls, and even inflatable strollers!

All these things will perfectly complement your decor, and with their help, you can organize a variety of fun activities on the water.

Flamingo pool float for kids

Such Flamingo floats can not only become a wonderful pool party decor for kids but also allow the youngest guests to swim to their heart's content and actively participate in water games with other children!

Also, with such a water float you can just sunbathe, eat ice cream and other treats, or play games on your smartphone.

Summer-themed balloons in the Pool

Browsing the Web, try to find balloons that best match the style of your festivity. These can be Mylar balloon lifebuoys, inflatable swans and dinosaurs, fruits, and disco balls.

Here’s another nice idea: order some big bubbles, fill them with helium, tie them to pieces of fishing line of different lengths, tie each piece to weight, and scatter these weights in the water in different places.

kids pool party decorations

Paper lantern garlands

Lanterns are made from a lightweight, pliable, and inexpensive material. They can be small and huge, plain and multi-colored, printed, minimalistic or bright.

Such lanterns look just great when paired with puff and honeycomb balls. Also, you can add lantern LED lights inside for an even more magical look!

Balloon palm trees

If you want to create something special for your kids, pool party decorating ideas should be bright and thought-out. These palm trees will instantly take your guests to the real jungle! For an average-sized palm, you will need the following materials:

  • 45 pieces of 5" gold (or brown) round balls;
  • 8 pieces of 260 green twisting balloons;
  • 6 pieces of 160 yellow twisting items.

Also, you can order a cute Mylar Cockatoo and add it to the top of your palm tree to make the decor more realistic!

Summer-themed lights

A huge selection of themed party lights will help you to add some summer vibes to your festive decor! Crab, jellyfish, seashell, seahorse, starfish, flamingo, pineapple, or fern-shaped items will draw the attention of your kids and amuse them!

Themed kids photo booth

A DIY tiki bar hut with a thatched roof, balloon + flower + greenery backdrop, balloon garland with tassel curtain, various photo props printed from templates — there are plenty of astounding pool party decoration ideas for kids, and you can use existing ideas or create something special based on those ideas.

Also, if it suits your concept, you can use various attributes for a photoshoot — it will be even more fun!

pool party decor for kids

Kids temporary tattoos

If kids are going to a celebration, they want to look stylish!

Kids can apply these tattoos themselves, without any help. Bio paints are made from natural dyes and have an exclusively natural composition.

Kids water balloon games

Balloons will help you not only decorate the party venue but also play fun games, which can become a full-fledged part of the entertainment program!

Running with a ball on a spoon, balloon football, tennis and hockey, ball throwing and popping contests, fights with inflatables — the party is going to be exciting!

Unforgettable pool party kids decor

Summer, sun, and water are our best friends… We hope you will agree that there’s nothing more wonderful than a pool party on a hot summer day!

If you are still thinking about where to celebrate your child's birthday, then a pool party is the perfect solution, and bright decor will help you quickly create vibes, spend this day unforgettable, get a bunch of cool photos and have plenty of positive emotions!