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Balloon arch decoration ideas

balloon arch decoration ideas
Created on July 23, 2021

How to make your party look perfect? Of course, add a balloon arch. Such a design looks festive, grand, and imposing. With a balloon arch, you can instantly fill the space of the room, fill it with a festive atmosphere and give the interior a festive look. In addition, you will be able to emphasize a certain place of your party.

If you've been looking for the most beautiful balloon arch ideas, here they are!

The Best Decoration for Any Occasion

This centerpiece seems to be a rather complex structure, but in fact, it is quite simple to make. For example, there are many balloon arch ideas without attaching to the wall, or “floating” arches with helium balloons, that sometimes are fixed to the wall with wire mesh.

There are many reasons to use such a décor at your party:

  • First, the balloon arch is one of the most beautiful and functional elements of decor.
  • Secondly, you can make it without much effort. You just need simple and clear instructions.
  • Thirdly, this kind of decor is cheap. You will not spend a huge amount of money buying all the necessary materials.
  • Finally, it is incredibly diverse. You can realize your idea using even the most basic materials.

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Balloon Arch Decoration Ideas

To create your arch, you can choose different colors and materials, as well as use different types of arches. This kind of decoration will create the right atmosphere at the party and make it bright and cheerful.

For example, wedding arches often have a shape of a heart, a symbol of love, and are decorated with fresh flowers, luminous garlands, and fabric. There are many ideas for children's parties like rainbows, tiny houses, magic trees, clowns, animals, or cartoon heroes. As for the flower arches, they look incredibly beautiful and instantly attract attention!

Arch made of different-sizes-balloons

This is one of the most common and simple arch balloon ideas, and creating it is quite similar to making balloon garlands. The main difference is the axis of the structures. Each structure must have a base (it can be, for example, thick wire, or a plastic tube); but if you weave the bode of your arch in a similar way to making garland, the body of the composition bends inward, thereby forming a beautiful centerpiece. You can achieve this result by using balls of various sizes: the items on the outside should be larger than the ones on the inside.

Also, don’t forget to fill a few inflatables with water to make the structure stable.

 balloon arch decoration ideas

Rainbow Balloon Arch

You will need:

  • pump;
  • assorted 10" balloons of different colors and white 10" items for the rainbow backdrop;
  • balloon sizer;
  • fishing line (its length should exceed the length of your garland by 2-3 meters).

How to make a rainbow DIY balloon arch:

Prepare balls by color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and light blue. You will need 1 white balloon for each colored item;you should make your decoration from three square-shaped garlands, made from bundles of two balloons (one is colored, the other is white). The size of these balls should be 7”;inflate the white and red bundles;inflate the white and orange bundles;tie bundles into a garland;fix the rope to immovable objects;wind the tape around the center of the first bundle (make several full turns);place the second bundle across the first, and also tie the center of the second bundle. The distance between the centers of the bundles should be equal to the diameter of the balls;lay the finished garland on the table;in the same way, make a second garland from white-yellow and white-green bundles, then a third one from of white-blue and white-blue bundles;start tying the garlands together with rope, creating a panel. Pass the rope around the centers of bundles with yellow and red items;press the center of the bundle with the yellow ball of the upper garland with your hand against the lower garland and wrap the rope around the center of the bundle several times, then pass the rope through the center of the bundle with the red inflatable and move up again to the next bundle with the yellow ball.

balloon arch ideas without attatching to wall

Classic Gold-Black-White Arch

Now, this trend is slowly becoming a classic! If you want something both trendy and classic - the gold and the black and white arch is definitely your choice!

What you need to make an arch:

You need the same number of bundles of 4 black and white balloons. Next, you need bundles of 4 golden balloons. You need half as many golden bundles. Next, you just attach the bundles to the base one at a time. That's it! A simple yet stylish arch is ready!

Link-o-loon arch

A classic arch that anyone and everybody loves!

What you need to make an arch:

You need to inflate the required number of balloons and start making a garland out of them. It is recommended to check the size of each balloon. Next, you tie each balloon to the other. After that, you mask all the ties. You can use other balloons or decorative ribbons

Fancy arch with flowers

To create a centerpiece of 86" width and 106" height, you will need 1.5-2 bundles of balls and a 1" pipe frame: fill eight 12" balls with water to make the frame heavier; inflate 5 10 "balloons to 8" size, inflate another one (for the heart of the flower) to 6" size: make 5 more 10" balloons, inflated to 8" size. Tie two bundles of 5 balloons together tightly; fix the flower on a pipe, passing it between five balls: make all the flowers in the same way and attach them to the frame; balls of nearby flowers should be touching each other: this will make your structure solid; mask the empty spaces with regular bundles of 4 10" balls.

The Glowing Tunnel Made of Inflatables

An inflatable balloon tunnel is an incredible idea for its size and scale! Of course, such a decoration will not leave any guest indifferent.

To begin with, you will need to do a little bit of fuss and calculate the required number of balloons. The distance between the balloons should be about 6-15". Then you just tie the balls to a piece of fishing line one by one with a knot. The distance between the balls should be the same. Next, you need to find something stable on which to stand the arch. After that, you will need to secure the loose edges of this object. Proper placement of the balloons and helium will allow your arch to get the shape you want!

balloon arch ideas

Balloon Fruits Arch

The most appetizing arch from the entire list!

In addition to balloons of different colors and sizes, you just need to take a little green paper for leaves, tape, and scissors. You need to cut out leaves from paper (preferably in different shapes) and glue them to the inflated balloons. Next, you just assemble the arch. That's all!

Decorate the Balloon Arch

The balloon arch will surely make your party unforgettable! Just choose the one that suits you best, and we will take care of the rest. Balloons Online offer the best balloons for any occasion at affordable prices. Check us out at!