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Barbie Theme Party Decorations Ideas

Barbie Theme Party Decorations Ideas
Created on February 22, 2022

Barbara Millicent Roberts is about to turn 60! And to this day, girls of all ages adore this slim, forever young, beautiful, and clever girl. Many will say that such a theme is suitable only for kids’ parties… But believe us, grown-ups also adore this style, and often use this style to decorate their birthdays, graduations, bachelorette parties, and even weddings!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, but if you choose this style, your party decorations should resemble a wonderful dollhouse, with the traditional pink color palette, fresh flowers, and colorful balloons. Now we will share with you the top Barbie theme party ideas!

Barbie theme party ideas

It’s time to create Barbie’s dream house!

Check out these Barbie birthday party decorations ideas:

  • cover the sofas with white or pink blankets (a faux fur is a perfect option). Get some bright pillows - square, round, and lip-shaped. Scatter some cute plush toys around the room and make covers, skirts, or bows for chairs;
  • arrange tiny stylish dollhouses made from plastic or cardboard. Place dolls in beautiful  outfits and doll sets (kitchens, pools, cars, pets, etc.) everywhere;
  • use beautiful outfits in the design: hang dresses on coquettish openwork hangers;
  • miniature mannequins in fashionable outfits look very stylish (you can find inexpensive models on the Internet);
  • organize a “beauty zone” and decorate it with pink and white accessories, add a variety of cosmetics, bead clips, fluffy boas, and colored wigs;
  • hang paper and tulle decorations such as garlands, fans, corrugated paper lanterns.

Want some more Barbie birthday party ideas? Then you can add some festive vibes by hanging around some themed decorations such as printed pictures with images of legendary doll and her friends, holiday sets, balloons (both pink latex inflatables and themed Mylar items).

Main colors: pink & lavender

Each party of this kind has one thing in common: it is the pink color that prevails in most decorations, hall decor, table setting, and outfits. Pink can be both delicate, light, and saturated, with a touch of fuchsia.

In order not to make your decorations look too sugary, use some elements of white (this adds lightness) or black/gray (these colors add an elegant touch) to your Barbie centerpieces ideas.

Red, lavender, pastel turquoise, light green harmonize with pink and also fit the style of a princess party!

Welcome banner

One of the basic Barbie decorating ideas is a bright banner that you can hang right at the house entrance or in your backyard if you have an outdoor party. Think of some cheerful inscription for your banner, for example, "Welcome to Barbie's Dream House"!

If you are going to make it with your own hands, you can choose any shape of its elements, such as classic flags, rectangles or squares, rhombuses, or even hearts! When choosing colors and shades, stick to the main color palette of the party.

Additionally, you can decorate your banner with fresh flowers, greenery, balloons and colorful serpentine!

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Barbie party favors

Thank your guests for coming to your wonderful birthday party by filling small purses or pink lunch boxes with various pleasant favors such as:

  • branded stickers;
  • pencils;
  • temporary tattoos;
  • feather boas;
    barrettes and other hair accessories;
  • bubble bath;
  • bubble gum;
  • tiaras;
  • sunglasses;
  • makeup and nail polish;
  • branded accessories.

Photo Zone

If you want to have some perfect photos, then arrange a stunning photo zone and provide your guests with bright photo accessories! Here are some of our favorite Barbie birthday party decoration ideas for a photo booth:

  • drape a section of the wall with pink fabric, wallpaper, or paper fans, make a balloon garland of soft colors, and attach a tinsel curtain to it;
  • this is one of our favorite DIY Barbie party ideas: make a giant doll box using cardboard, paint, and printed wallpapers. It is important that the box has enough room for the tallest guests who will take photos inside;
  • create a replica of a Fiat 500 car, that was produced for the 50th anniversary of the legendary doll. Make a cardboard silhouette of a car and cover its surface with the printed wallpaper;
  • use photo accessories such as paper lips, glasses, hats on holders and other stuff, add a life-size Ken’s figure.


Get some elegant dresses and fashion accessories — they will suit both kids’ and adults’ parties. Ask your guests to make simple but neat hairstyles, light makeup in pink shades.

Also, you can make some identical costumes by sewing puffy tulle skirts to blouses. You can also use some of the original branded outfit styles to have a “best costume” competition.

Barbie birthday party decorations ideas

Barbie party food

Pay special attention to your festive table decor: it should look like a dining table in a dollhouse! Get a neat tea set, lay out pink napkins. You can arrange a full-fledged banquet buffet or have just a candy bar.

The dessert menu is a perfect choice for such a party. Try to pick sweets in pink and blue colors, decorate drinks with unusual straws and umbrellas, add fresh fruits, ice cream, cake, muffins, cookies and much more!

As for snacks, get some sandwiches and canapes. As for the drinks, get some sweet soda and milkshakes. Also, don’t forget about martini: you can beautifully serve it in elegant glasses decorated with lemon slices or cherries.

Cake & cookies with a Barbie logo

You can order or bake a classic round or unusual square cake. But the cake skirt with a legendary doll figurine on the top is the most suitable option.

Don't forget pink buttercream cupcakes with branded logos and glitter powder, pink lollipops and waffles. You can add marshmallows on wooden skewers by complementing the delicacy with paper cupcake liner skirts.

Fashion runway fit for fashionistas

If you host a party at your house, then it’s a good idea to have a dress-up contest and a real fashion runway!

This style necessarily includes t-shirts that can be embroidered with beads and sequins. Complete them with colorful tops, puffy skirts, white or colored stockings, high-heeled shoes, fur boas, bright leather handbags, fabric bracelets with flowers, headbands, or even short veils.

Don't forget the retro-style bouffants, cute curls, perfectly straight locks, or a ponytail!

Balloons around the party area

Check out these amazing balloon decorations ideas for Barbie themed party:

  • decorate ordinary latex balloons with multi-colored ribbons in a contrasting color;
  • wrap white inflatables  with transparent tulle, make “skirts”;
  • decorate the hall with themed foil balloons;
  • create a garland from helium-filled balloons, attach various decorations (for example, tiaras, fresh flower buds, paper pompoms, small teddy bears and dolls, etc.) to them;
  • create a winding balloon road on the way to the house by sticking pegs in the ground and attaching balloons to them. And when evening comes, arrange LED balloons around your lounge area.

Barbie birthday party ideas

Barbie decoration ideas

If you, like most girls, dreamed of becoming a Barbie girl one day, and are also crazy about parties and hanging out with friends, then such a stylish party is just the perfect choice!

Make the most of our Barbie birthday decorations ideas, and your guests will certainly appreciate your efforts, and the colorful décor will help you create positive vibes to turn everyone on and give them the most pleasant memories!