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Best 5 Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas
Created on April 15, 2021

It’s a daunting task to stir up vivid emotions in kids, but it’s even more difficult to surprise an adult on his/her birthday. You will definitely find a lot of decor options, and one of the most popular is balloon arrangement for birthday. Balloons are cheap and look spectacular.

Let’s consider the original ways to congratulate and decorate the celebration. The grand room ornament will provide a good mood for all the guests.

Do I Need to Decorate the House With Birthday Balloons?

The birthday environment has the power to set the right mood. That's why, when it comes to celebrations, the first task is to find a suitable room and decorate it. Balloons can help to add charm and create a solemn atmosphere. The balloon decoration for birthday party turns an ordinary day into a special one. They can bring a person back to childhood.

Moreover, balloons are quite affordable accessories. Thus, you can achieve the desired goals even with a modest budget. Balloons bring joy and fun and might provoke some mischief. They show that something extraordinary is happening. If you give preference to balloon decor, you save a lot of time.

Best Balloon Decoration Ideas for Birthday

Do you want to throw an incredible party for your beloved ones? Of course, you do. This day is only once a year, and it should be unique and exciting. Balloon decorations can be a basis for a joyful party.

Light Garland to Add Solemnity

Balloon garland is a simple and universal way to decorate any room for the holiday. Even a usual 2 or 3 color design looks quite complicated and solemn, although everyone is able to make it. There is a great variety of garlands for which you can use both round and twisting latex balloons. To create a floating garland with your own hands, you will need a minimum of consumable items. Without a rigid frame, the finished garland can be easily attached to various surfaces. The flexible design allows you to frame doorways, windows, and individual interior and exterior elements.

birthday decoration ideas at home with balloons

Emoji Balloon Decoration for Birthday Parties

Would you like to see giant smiley faces floating around the room? Ever since social media opened us up to emojis, they've become an integral part of each daily message exchange. Smiley balloons convey a mood or express your feelings. If you are keen on handmade, feel free to make these balloons themselves. You need to buy helium balloons, decide what emojis you want, and draw them with a marker pen on the balloons, but since you have a lot of things to do for the birthday, it’s better to buy ready-made balloons.

birthday balloon decorations

Air Wall as a Simple Birthday Decoration With Balloons

A wall of balloons can serve as a bright photo area at the party. You may place this air decoration in the welcome zone of the room so that when entering, all the guests could take a few memorable pictures and get people in the right space. A wall of several segments united by the same theme looks more appealing. The organic combination of parts will keep you from tedious and banal ornaments. If you wish, you may add separate foil shiny balloons with prints or large balloon figures to the photoshoot.

birthday balloon decorations

Eye-Catching Balloon Arch

A helium balloon arch is a trendy composition for birthday parties. The arch can become the main venue decoration. An arch is usually placed over the place where the guest of honor sits or is in front of the hall entrance. Of course, you can find ready-made arches in stores, but it's better to make them yourself. The process is so entertaining, and a good mood is guaranteed. As a rule, party organizers pick up multi-colored and bright balloons. The arch can be supplemented with other balloon decorations. This air decor is suitable for indoors and outdoors. The main thing is to avoid strong winds and rainfalls.

birthday balloon decorations

Trendy Double Balloon Decoration Ideas for Birthday Party at Home

Double stuff is a latex balloon in a balloon that is created to get new shades. The technology is similar to mixing colors, but balloons are used instead of a palette. Double stuff allows you to create an unlimited number of unique shades. The result of mixing colors is produced by the tight fit of the outer balloon. The balloons are so saturated that you don't even need to come up with anything supernatural. You can do just a fountain of balloons or put trendy double balloons on the ceiling, attaching the end of the string wishes the birthday boy or girl.

birthday balloon decorations

How Many Balloons Do You Need to Create Birthday Balloon Decorations?

You might wonder how many balloons you need to make up stylish ornaments. It’s hard to answer. If you bring a bunch of 5-10 balloons into the room, it will already brighten up! If you get 20, 30, 50, 100 balloons into a room, that's lovely too! It depends on own personal taste and even the design of the room.

For example, for a small arch in one layer, you need 12 balloons. If your arch is in two layers, take 24 balloons. Besides, you may put a giant figure in the middle of the composition. For example, large hearts and flowers look great. If you have decided to make a garland, one meter takes about 16 balloons (every piece should be 30 cm in diameter) or 28 balloons (every balloon is 22 cm in diameter). Don’t forget to get some extra balloons because some of them will inevitably burst.

As you know, you can never have too many balloons. But it's better to choose the necessary number of balloons yourself because only you know your space, budget, and other information to get the correct number of balloons. First of all, decide what birthday decoration ideas at home with balloons you want to implement: an arch, garland, wall, or just arrange a few bouquets of balloons in a room.

Balloons are the best option to make up cheap, beautiful, and magical venue decoration. They create the right atmosphere, set the mood for fun, and provide plenty of birthday balloon ideas. Balloons are suitable for adults, teens, and babies. As an option, you may decorate the outdoor area for the celebration. Just imagine that wind affectionately plays with floating balloons, and the sun dances in the glossy surfaces. Balloons Online provides the best balloons for any occasion at prices that make sense. Check us out at!