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Blowing Up Balloons – Types and Tips

Blowing Up Balloons – Types and Tips

Created on February 3, 2021

What can't any party exist without? Without balloons, of course! Using them, you can create incredible compositions that are limited only to your imagination. When some shop or barbershop opens, what do we always see? That's right, balloons! They are inflated for anniversaries, graduations at kindergartens and seminaries, and commercial company parties. In addition to regular balloons, there are special helium balloons. Yes, those are the same huge balloons that you see in shopping malls.

However, a strange situation turns out. We all know that everyone loves balloons, but almost everyone cannot stand blowing them. How to facilitate this task? Below you will find the top tips that will help you in blowing balloon.

Use What You Always Have - Your Breath

In this case, you always have a place to inflate balloons. You can do it right in your own home! If there is nothing nearby that can help you inflate balloons like a pump, then the only option left is to do it with your mouth. Of course, you might get tired. So it is better to do it when you need to inflate a small number of balloons.

How to Do It Right

Each balloon has its own size. You shouldn't inflate it more than the allowable size - it makes it more vulnerable to contact with sharp objects. If it does not burst at once, it will certainly do it a little later. Therefore, before you blow a balloon, you need to know its final size. To find out if you have inflated the balloon correctly, you can shape the tail: if the tail is blown and near the tie has formed a "pear", then you have overreached and the next time you need to inflate more softly. Blow up baloons should be in a clean room without dust and drafts. Contact with dust will not do any good: at best the dust will reduce the service life of the balloon, at worst it will burst because of the sharp particles the dust may contain. 

Also, balloons do not like exposure to direct sunlight and sudden temperature changes. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays the latex structure breaks down, and the balloon may burst. Exposure to the sun reduces the life of the balloon to 2-3 hours. Dramatic temperature changes, such as moving from a warm room or car to freezing temperatures and back, also lead to premature latex deterioration, causing the balloons to deflate prematurely. Changes in the volume of air or helium inside the balloon that occur when the temperature changes can cause it to burst.

The process itself is as simple as possible. To begin, stretch the neck of the balloon and bring it close to your lips. Next, simply blow air in. Don't forget to hold the neck of the balloon with your thumb and forefinger to keep you comfortable. That's all! You have inflated the balloon with your own hands. Or, saying it more correctly, with your lungs.

blowing up balloons

What's Good and What's Bad About It

What's Good About It

If you want to have an enjoyable time with your child, this is a great way to do it! Invite your child to inflate balloons with you - they definitely won't refuse!  Also, you don't spend a dime to inflate balloons. Of course, no research has been conducted, but everyone understands that the process of blows up balloons definitely improves your mood, fascinates you and your child, and awakens a desire as soon as possible to play with this very balloon. In short, blowing balloons with the mouth has a beneficial effect on the psyche. In addition, many specialists, especially pulmonologists appreciate balloons. After all, you do the best exercise for the development of the lungs - deep breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. This breathing increases the internal pressure in the bronchi, the volume of air sacs becomes larger, the release of carbon dioxide increases, and the body more smoothly saturates the blood with oxygen.

What's Bad

However, this method is not suitable for everyone. Especially people with small lung volumes may even get hurt. Such people may feel dizzy, nauseous, and even pass out. Also, balls that are filled with something require an increased level of attention. After all, something like confetti can easily get into your respiratory system and damage it. So, despite how much kids want to inflate as many balloons as possible, it is better to limit their number. Some large balloons require a lot of energy to inflate. In this case, you cannot do without a pump. 

Balloons made of thick rubber are particularly dangerous. Their chemical composition in most cases raises questions. Even if the composition is perfect, the thickness of the rubber itself requires inhuman efforts to inflate the balloon even by half. Such exertion can lead to unforeseen changes in blood pressure and shortness of breath.

Inflate Helium Companion Balloons

If you want to make sure that your balloons are always in great form - inflate them with helium. However, you need to know how to blow up balloons right. It is important to remember that it is mandatory to inflate the balloons before the party because helium has the ability to evaporate.

How to Inflate Balloons with Helium

Lightweight flying balloons, floating under the ceiling, always evoke emotion and delight. So, how do you create this beauty yourself? You need to buy a package of uninflated balloons from a reputable retailer, and a balloon filled with helium. In order to inflate the balloons with helium at home, you just have to put the balloon on a special tube of the balloon, paying attention to air tightness (it is important that the rubber band of the balloon fits tightly on the tube). Then, while slowly opening the helium valve on a balloon, fill the balloon with gas until it reaches the desired size. When the balloon reaches the desired size, it is smoothly and carefully removed from the tube and tightly tied with a colorful ribbon. This method of blowing up balloons is one of the easiest and most relevant. Just do not forget to close the gas tank!

What's Good and What's Bad About It

What's Good About Ithow to blow up balloons

Helium is the best material for creating various unique balloon compositions. You can create a bow, an arch, and other things. Also, this gas is absolutely safe for nature and humans. Even if you want, you may not be able to blow it up or use it to hurt someone. Helium can be consumed without any harm to health. But only in very small quantities. With the help of special preparation, you can treat the helium balloon. What is it for? For the helium to hold its shape as long as possible. With the right treatment, your balloon can hang in its place for about half a month. 

What's Bad

If your holiday is small or you want to save some money - blowing up a balloons with helium is a bad idea. The gas bottle itself costs a lot of money and there’s no point in taking it if you want to blow up a dozen of these balloons. In addition, the cylinder itself requires certain storage conditions. It cannot be stored at home, only on the street. But on the street, you need to protect the tank from the direct sun and from a temperature below zero. Also, at any hint of dampness, you will have to look for another place for the cylinder. Unfortunately, helium is almost impossible to replace. So if you have "eco-friendly" views, it is better to give up helium balls. In addition, without treatment, helium balloons fly relatively short. This is because helium molecules are mostly smaller than rubber molecules and so they can freely seep out of the balloon. 

Use a Pump

Ordinary balloons can be inflated by you, but what to do when you need to inflate a balloon of an unusual shape? The answer is simple - use a pump! If you have bought a set of balls, especially unoccupied, then in most cases the pump goes in it. If it is not there - do not rush to be upset. Just go to any sports store and you will easily find there a pump for every taste.  

How to Do It Right

Inflating an elongated thin balloon at home is recommended with a pump. For ease of inflating it is necessary to understand the technique. To do this, take the ball in hand and slightly stretch it in different directions. Then you take the neck of the ball into the mouth or put it on the tube of the pump and begin to gradually fill the ball with air or helium. One hand holds the neck, the other holds half the ball. During inflating, gradually move your hand to the end of the ball, so it will take shape faster and more evenly. To further form long ball shapes, remember that the side opposite the neck of the ball in the finished form should be flat, that is, containing about 2 cm of empty space for air distribution during twisting and modeling.

What's Good and What's Bad About It

What's Good About It

First, you do not need to do any additional actions. You do not need to stretch, hold the ball firmly. Just put the tube and go! Also, you can now inflate balloons of any size and shape.  Unlike helium cylinders, pumps are not particularly demanding in storage. Also, they are as compact and convenient as possible. Well, and yet, such balloons will keep their volume longer. Air molecules are thicker than rubber molecules, so they will seep much less frequently and that is what will keep the shape.

What's Bad

First, blowing up balloons with a pump requires great physical strength. If you are in poor shape -  you will not inflate a large number of balloons. Even if you are in great shape, the speed of blowing is quite low. If you need to inflate a large number of balls in a short period of time - it is better to abandon the option with a pump. And even if you do everything as quickly as possible and do not get tired, there is a huge risk that the ball will simply explode if you use at least a little too much force.

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Bonus! The Best Ways to Blow Up Balloons

If you want to surprise your guests the options above would not work. But don't be upset, we have some solutions for you! If you want your holiday to be incredibly fun, you should prepare a few creative ways to blow them up. Check out these delightful ways to blow up your balloons!

Use Yeasts

Yes, yes, you can do it using them. You just need to take some sugar, warm water, 

30 grams of dry yeast, one plastic bottle, and an elastic thread. Oh, yeah, don’t forget the balloons. 

First, you need to dissolve the sugar in warm water. You can stir it to be faster. Next, you put yeast there. After that, you need to put the neck of the ball on the bottle. That’s it! It remains to find a warm place, put the bottle there and wait for the ball to fill.

Soda + Vinegar Combination

If you for some reason cannot find yeast or just want to do something else - this way is just for you. Take the funnel and pour some soda into the balloon. Next, take an empty plastic bottle and pour the vinegar, also in a small amount. Next, you fix the ball on the neck so that the soda gets into the vinegar. That’s it! The ball will start to inflate immediately. 

Use Some Dry Ice

It is time for something truly extraordinary. Dry ice will help turn your holiday into a real magician show where you will be in the lead role. You’re just using one very interesting dry-ice property. It has an unusual transition from a solid to a gaseous state, excluding the liquid phase. Moreover, there are two ways you can use if you want to inflate a balloon with dry ice.

The first and easiest. You need the dry ice itself, the balloon, and your reaction. Throw the dry ice into the balloon and quickly tie it. The balloon will start to grow in size right before your eyes!

The second way is a little more complicated. You need a narrow flask, warm water, dry ice, and the ball. You need to put dry ice in the flask and carefully fill it with warm water. Try not to overdo it, otherwise, the steam will fill the whole room. After that, simply place the balloon on the neck of the bulb and it will begin to fill with this steam.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know everything about the ways to inflate balloons. You can do it with your mouth, pump, or helium. Each method will suit you - in something better and in something worse. Correctly assess your abilities and the style of the holiday and go! Any holiday with balloons becomes unforgettable. Be sure to try some creative ways to inflate balloons. Your kids will definitely like them, maybe even grown-ups. Balloons Online provide stylish balloons for any occasion at prices that won’t hurt your wallet. Check us out at!