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foil balloons

Blowing Up Foil Balloons

Created on March 18, 2021

Balloons add a festive flair to any event or party. Of all the balloons out there, foil balloons are the apex of balloon-dom. Foil balloons, if you didn't already know, are created from a very thin sheet of metal that is cast over the balloons nylon base. Foil balloons are not only fun, they stay inflated longer. There are many different ways to fill a foil balloon. Consider the following the next time you're ready to inflate foil balloons at your next party.

Benefits of Foil Balloons

When organizing a celebration, you want to make it memorable and fill it with a festive atmosphere. Decor plays an important role. What is the advantage of foil balloons over other balloons, and when should you prefer exactly foil balloons?

  • The foil products have much higher strength than latex and other kinds of balloons.
  • Usual balloons do not hold helium, but foil balloons can not deflate and stay in flight for a very long time.
  • Foil balloons are hypoallergenic and safe for health. The balloons made of the metalized film are not dangerous for allergic people, do not emit toxic substances into the environment, and are approved to use in schools, kindergartens, etc.
  • They look fancy. Balloons play the role of room decor, and they can form air bouquets.
  • These balloons are easy-to-use. You can inflate a foil balloon at home without a pump.
  • You can apply any ornament or print on foil products. There is a wide range of various shapes: geometric figures, animals, cartoon characters, etc.

Tinfoil balloons are an excellent option for themed parties!

inflating foil balloonInflating A Foil Balloon

It's easy to create a festive ambiance, and you don't need to spend huge sums of money to do it. It is enough to buy a few packages of bright balloons, and you are ready to receive guests in your gala home. If you're on a tight budget and want to save money and inflate the balloons yourself, here are a few options on how to do it at home.

If you want to organize a nice party, you have to keep a hundred little things in your mind. But it happens that something can go wrong. What if you don't have a pump at hand and you need to blow up tinfoil balloons for a party. Now we're going to tell you the tip of the road. Get a lifehack on how to inflate foil balloon without pump.

Use a drinking straw to inflate your balloon. Any stiff, straight drinking straw will work. Insert the straw until you break the inner seal inside of the filling tab. You should hear a slight pop when the straw is inserted. Pinch the straw and fill-tab so the air doesn't escape. Inhale a deep draught of air into your lungs and blow steadily into the exposed end of the straw. This will gently fill the balloon. Pinch off where the straw meets the tab and check for the balloon's air pressure. It should be firm to the touch and not offer much 'give'. Now remove the straw and pinch off the tab in order to seal the air filled balloon.

You may use an air pump to inflate your balloon. Use a hand pump and a narrow tip attachment. The narrow tip will fit more easily and will make the filling easier and safer. Place the tip into the filling tab and hold the seal securely so air won't escape. Pump air into the balloon. Use your free hand to press the pump handle until you feel the balloon expand to full. Note: if you have an electric or battery-operated pump, the job will be much less taxing. However, watch the filling process carefully so that the balloon doesn't explode. Remove the tip and close off the balloon. Most foil balloons have a self-sealing system.

It’s one of the most well-known ways for those who know how to inflate foil balloons without helium or a pump. Inflate your balloon the old fashioned way. Inhale air into your lungs and blow into the small filling tube at the bottom of the balloon. Use your fingers to pinch between the air-filled balloon and the tab at the bottom and then tie a knot when complete.

Blow up foil figures with helium. It's not a cheap option, but the most effective because helium is lighter than air and allows the balloons to float under the ceiling. You will need a gas bottle and an adapter. You need to take 5 steps to get foil balloons inflated:

  1. put the adapter on the helium tank and the other end into the balloon;
  2. straighten the foil figure so that helium can quickly and evenly flow inside;
  3. blow a little air with your mouth through a straw, so the flap opens smoothly; otherwise, it might burst because of the sudden helium flow;
  4. blow up a balloon until it takes shape. It's important not to overdo it. Even though foil products are pretty durable, you can blow too much and tear the foil;
  5. close the flap and tie the tail.

If the celebration is planned in hot weather, it is better to inflate the balloon less. Then helium expands in the warmth, and the balloon takes on the desired shape.

You can ease your celebration worries and buy a self inflating foil balloon, which will be a great addition to a gift, or decorate the interior during the party. Just attach a foil balloon to the stick, squash the capsule inside the balloon, and shake the balloon. Done! When a capsule bursts, a balloon starts filling with air from the inside, it swells right before your eyes.


If the air leaks out of the balloon in only a few minutes, then the balloon is either structurally unsound or there may be a hole. With a spray bottle, spray a light mist of water over the balloon and squeeze to find the hole. The escaping water will create small bubbles at the hole. Dry off the balloon and place a piece of transparent mailing tape over the hole. If the balloon was manufactured incorrectly, you'll need to buy more balloons.

Types of Foil Balloons

  • Figures are a great way to highlight an important date, make a great graduation party, have fun celebrating a child's birthday or an adult's anniversary.
  • Figurines and round balloons with heroes are child's play, which is terrific for decorating a party. All parents know that their kids have favorite cartoon characters that bring smiles and delight. You can easily make the cherished desire come true and give him a birthday morning in a room full of bright colors and favorite cartoon characters.
  • Walking figures are miracles on legs. The secret of their popularity is that a slight breeze creates the illusion that the figure is walking. This walking effect is created because balloons are inflated with helium, which pulls them up, but the cardboard legs balance and do not let them fly. So, if you know how to inflate foil balloons with helium, you can create your little Disneyland. Just imagine how many positive emotions your kid will get if the bright and funny duck comes to life and dances in the wind.
  • Lovely large letters made of thick and shiny foil will help diversify the decoration of a vital event. “LOVE” or “I love you” words on balloons will help you make a proposal or add a romantic atmosphere to your Valentine's Day. You can also use the words "Just married" to make your wedding unique, have fun photos with guests and witnesses holding these letters.

Have fun with your air filled foil balloons. They'll make your event or party the talk of the town.

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