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Everything You Need To Know About Balloon Inflators Types

how to blow up balloons fast

Everything You Need To Know About Balloon Inflators Types

Created on September 14, 2021

Balloons are the most affordable and popular way to create colorful and stunning party decor. Besides, they allow you to quickly decorate large areas given that you have the necessary equipment to inflate them, i.e. the balloon inflator.

Air pump makes it much easier to create party décor and saves lots of time (this is the most popular problem when planning a celebration!). Also, a pump allows you to control the inflation process and get the perfect-sized balls. 

There are many types of such devices, but we won’t let you get confused, and now we will tell you which inflator will be the best option for your needs, share with you some pros and cons of each type, and give you some tips on how to use an air pump for balloons.

Balloon Inflator - solution for the inflation problem

When we were young, we used to inflate latex balls with our mouths. Well, it's fun when you have a couple of 5” balls to blow, but if there are thirty of them or even more?!

That's when you can face the problems! If you keep blowing balloons without stopping, you may experience hyperventilation. This can lead to an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood, which in turn causes shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, and other unpleasant symptoms. Thus, a holiday preparation can turn into a nightmare!

In the professional community, they never inflate balls with their mouth: there’s a balloon pump inflator for that!

What is a Balloon Pump/Inflator?

An inflator is an affordable device for inflating items with a fairly simple design. It’s an indispensable accessory if you need to quickly fill a large number of items with air. As for the advanced electric models, they are even able to inflate several balls at the same time!

Depending on the number of inflatables you need to prepare, the time you have, and your preferences, you can use the manual or electric air inflator for balloons.

Which types of Pumps are available?

Manual Inflators

The hand inflator consists of a handle with a spout and a body. The handle is mounted on a rod that pushes the piston inside the body. Suction valves are located at both ends of the body. The tightness of the device is ensured by a screw cap.

It is a light-weighted device, it is quite comfortable to hold in the hand, and it allows you to quickly inflate small balls, and smoothly blow the foil ones. 

How to use balloon pump:

  1. insert the spout into the neck of your latex items or the foil ball valve;
  2. firmly press the neck to the spout so that air does not escape from the balloon during inflation;
  3. start filling the item with air until it reaches the desired size;
  4. push the inflator nose out of the balloon neck’s hole;
  5. tie the neck into a knot (foil products have an automatically closing valve).

balloon inflator

Single Action Pump

The design of this type of inflator allows you to push the air only in one direction, forcing it to move into the balloon; when moving the handle in the opposite direction, air partially gets back into the device, so the process may take a little longer. Such a device is perfect for blowing a small number of products.

Double Action Pump

A double-action manual inflator pushes air into the balloon in both forward and reverse strokes. Thus, you spend less effort and time, but the efficiency increases by two times.

It is an effective option in case you need to inflate an average number of balls.

Electric Inflators

Wondering how to inflate balloons quickly? Use an electric balloon inflator (or compressor): these devices are powerful (sometimes they even have a pedal to make the process more convenient) enough to help you quickly and easily fill a large number of balloons with air! For example, a hand pump inflates an 11” ball in a minute, while a compressor does it in just 2 seconds!

The package includes nozzles for inflating round and twisting items.

You can use a button, or set up a continuous inflation function. You can accelerate the process by using a device with several nozzles.

How to inflate balloons with an electric device:

  1. attach the ball’s neck over the end of the compressor’s nozzle;
  2. switch on the device and start blowing the item;
  3. measure out its size and stop before it reaches this size to prevent the products from popping.


how to use an air pump for balloons

Which is better: Manual or Electric

To select the right compressor, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. your budget;
  2. the number that you need to inflate;
  3. the frequency of events where you may need to create balloon décor.

Let’s sort it all out!

What is your budget?

Hand inflators are very affordable: the average device costs about $10. The electric version can cost 5 times more, and the professional model, which has the function of inflating the balls to a certain size and adjusting the pressure settings can cost 20 times more!

How Many Balloons do you want to inflate?

If you plan to blow about 200 or more items for your decorations, then you should think about purchasing an electric pump, because if you inflate that many items with a hand pump, you are going to get good training for your muscles! Inflating this number of items with a hand pump is theoretically possible if you have enough time and someone to help you.

But if you are inflating balls alone and you are limited in time, then it makes sense to use an electric pump even if you need to blow 50 balloons!

How often do you plan to make parties?

If you regularly need to make huge decorations of several hundred party balloons (for example, you work as a decorator or just love partying and creating stunning inflatable decor;), you should invest in an advanced electric pump. This will save you both time and effort; also, devices are more durable, which allows you to ensure the stable operation of the compressor, extend its service life and pay off the expenses several times!

The easiest way to get your balloon décor ready

Now that you know how to blow up balloons fast, make up your mind and choose the pump according to your needs! But keep in mind that any device will help you save your time, speed up the process of creating the party decorations and help you enjoy the process! Balloons Online provides the best balloons for any occasion at prices that make sense. Check us out at!