3 Tips for Long Lasting Foil Letter Balloons Decorations

Although foil letters balloons offer a host of benefits compared to other types, most people focus on the fact that they last a long time. While latex balloons last 12 to 30 hours on average depending on size, foil balloons will stay inflated for up to four days. However, if you purchase your balloons from a reputable company that uses only the highest quality material, they can last as long as 10 days.

Another reason why foil balloons are so popular is that once they deflate, you can take them to a local store and have them re-inflated. As long as there are no holes or other damage, they will hold helium for about the same amount of time as when they were originally purchased. As a long-lasting product, people love these balloons. However, another advantage is their versatility.

If you want to use Mylar balloons letters for decoration, the possibilities are endless. The following are some examples of what you might consider:

1. Announcing a Pregnancy – A cute idea using foil balloons to announce the upcoming arrival of a baby if you know the gender entails placing a pair of shoes for every current member of the household on the floor. For instance, if you and your spouse have one child, there would be three pairs of shoes representing the mother, father, and child. Then, next to the smallest pair, place a bouquet of lettered balloons that spell out “boy” or “girl.” You can keep the balloons steady by using a weight wrapped in cellophane and coordinating curly ribbon.

2. Wedding Reception – Mylar balloons in letters are also ideal for a wedding reception. For this, choose balloons in the primary color of the wedding, and then, using a weight, set them behind the couple at the guest of honor table. You can spell out the couple’s last name, the words “Mr. and Mrs.,” or “I Love You.”

3. Birthday Celebration – For a child’s birthday party, you can spell out a boy or girl’s name using lettered balloons. Not only will they enhance the overall decorations but also put a smile on the child’s face.

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