Here's Your Guide to Decorating with Balloons

Balloon decoration is a custom that dates back many decades. As early as the 1970s, silver metalized balloons had been invented for the New York City Ballet. Today, balloons are used everywhere in the world to transform normal spaces into lovely celebration venues. For many people, getting it right with balloon decoration can seem like the preserve of professionals. With this friendly guide, however, anyone can achieve incredible results when decorating with balloons.

Choose the Type of Balloon You're Going to Use

Generally, there are two types of balloons from which you can choose. The first is foil balloons. Standard foil balloons are self-sealing. Once full, the valve of the balloon automatically switches off. Be sure to fill the balloon gently, so it doesn't burst due to overfilling. Foil balloons come in all kinds of shapes, including heart-shaped balloons. They can last for up to three days.

The second widely used type of balloons is latex balloons. These balloons are usually available for sale at remarkably low prices, but they don't last as long as foil balloons. Top-quality latex balloons typically last 12-16 hours. The thing to remember when using latex balloons is to keep them out of direct sunlight when inflated.

Decide On the Right Colors

Balloons come in all imaginable hues. The key to achieving the desired effect is picking a set of colors that goes well with the occasion. For birthdays, for instance, you can go with a mix of primary colors. Shades of blues and pinks are an excellent idea. You may also go with single colors or opt for colors of your favorite soccer or rugby team.

When looking for the perfect colors for weddings, there's a wide variety from which to choose. Gold, ivory, and silver are the most widely used color schemes. Other combinations that look lovely include pink, ivory, lilac, and green. Foil balloons with shades of blue also work wonderfully for weddings, although you can also decide to go with all white and ivory.

Get the Right Quantity of Balloons

Now that you've settled on the right color combination for the occasion, it's time to know how many balloons you're going to use. For table decorations, two foil balloons per table is ideal. If you opt for latex balloon decoration, three per decoration are enough. Less than two for foil balloon decoration or less than three for latex balloons looks flat. Using more than the recommended number, on the other hand, can make your tables look overcrowded.

As you buy balloons, you'll also need to think about the ribbons, ensure that you pick the right type and size of ribbon to support the weight of the balloon. If you're using foil balloons, the ribbon can be metallic. For latex balloons, the ribbon needs to be non-metallic to avoid any cuts to the balloons.

All you need it to master the art of choosing the right balloons, picking the right colors, and getting the right number of balloons. The rest is a breeze.