Mylar Vs. Foil Baby Balloons: Which One Is Preferred?

When celebrating the arrival of a baby, Mylar and foil baby balloons are the perfect way to do so. You can take an entire bouquet of Mylar baby shower balloons to a friend who is still in the hospital to brighten up her room, strategically place baby boy or baby girl balloon decorations around different rooms after your friend comes home with the baby, or choose balloons for baby shower centerpieces.

If you decide to use balloons for baby shower centerpieces, you can get one for the guest of honor’s table that consists of Mylar or foil balloons in different sizes, shapes, colors, and graphics, or you can place one bouquet of neutral colors on each table. After the baby shower is over, a few lucky individuals would have a beautiful bouquet of balloons to take home.

In addition to choosing balloons of different shapes, colors, sizes, and graphics, you need to decide between Mylar and foil. It is important to note that often, the term “foil” is used in place of Mylar. In that scenario, there is no difference between the two types; but when talking about aluminum foil balloons versus those made of Mylar, there is a distinct difference in that the materials are not the same. 

Like most people, you probably envision Mylar balloons as being shiny. However, genuine Mylar balloons are made from transparent plastic that contains zero metal, whereas foil balloons do contain metal and have a shiny exterior appearance. Mylar is actually a brand name. That means that when you choose Mylar baby shower balloons, you are purchasing a Mylar branded product. These balloons are made of a polyester resin, which again is thin, clear plastic.

To give Mylar balloons their shiny surface, foil is applied as an outside material. To produce Mylar balloons covered with aluminum foil, the polyester resin is melted and then stretched into extremely thin and flat sheets.

Foil balloons are made from refined aluminum, which is first melted as a way of removing the aluminum oxide. Next, the aluminum oxide is reduced electrolytically in a mixture of molten cryolite to eliminate any oxygen from the metal. The heated aluminum is then flattened into very thin sheets.

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