As far as party decorations go, balloons are a must-have. Whether you're one of the 71% of people who always love celebrating their birthday and are throwing a big party, or you're hosting a party for someone else, you need to buy balloons. But because helium can sometimes be difficult to find or use, people may hesitate to use balloons. Fortunately, this article is going to discuss a few ways you can use air filled balloons to complete your party decor.

Create balloon arches: If you're looking for a major "wow" factor for your party decor, then a balloon arch is the way to go. Balloon arches are not only fairly easy to create, but they can be a great addition to any party. To create a fantastic balloon arch, you're going to need some sort of arch base, like a PVC arch kit, and a lot of wholesale latex balloons. After picking the size of the arch and deciding on which colors you want to use, simply inflate the balloons with air and attach them to the arch base using tape. And you'll have an amazing balloon arch in no time.

Hang them upside down: While it's normal for balloons to float when they're filled with helium, there's no reason they can't hang upside down! Attaching air filled balloons to the ceiling is a great way to move your guests' center of attention around the room. This also works great for outdoor events because you can hang balloons from tree limbs or roof edges for a great backdrop. All in all, this is a really easy way to add some interesting elements to your party decor.

Attach them to the wall: Balloons don't always have to float or be in the center of the room -- you can simply attach them to a wall once they're inflated. This works great for foil balloons or letters to spell out a name or phrase. Or you can cover an entire wall with wholesale latex balloons for the ultimate party decoration. By inflating balloons with air and taping them to a wall, you can create endless designs and images out of your balloons.

As you can see, you don't need helium to decorate with balloons. So for your next party or event, consider one of these great helium-free balloon decorating ideas!