Why Non-Latex Balloons Last Longer than Latex Balloons
You may have heard that non-latex balloons last longer than those made of latex but have no idea why. Although you might not think that this information is irrelevant, depending on your upcoming event, it could play an essential role in which type of balloon you choose. For that reason, before ordering latex or non-latex balloons online, you should get the answer. After all, you want the balloons to showcase your party and, therefore, last as long as possible.

When speaking of “non-latex,” this refers to Mylar balloons, which are gorgeous and available in many exciting options. To understand why balloons made of Mylar last longer, you first need to learn what this material is. Also known as foil balloons, Mylar balloons consist of polyethylene terephthalate or nylons. These manufactured materials have a special coating that makes the exterior of balloons look like foil.
On the other hand, latex balloons are a liquid rubber that gets harvested from trees deep within Indonesia rainforests. Unlike Mylar balloons, those made from rubber are entirely biodegradable, meaning over time, they decompose. Keep in mind that some people have allergies to latex, so for your event, you might consider latex-free rubber balloons, just in case.
The reason that Mylar balloons stay inflated longer than those made of latex is that as a rubber material, latex is porous, meaning it breathes. Therefore, whether filled with air or helium, the substance escapes slowly through the pores. Mylar balloons are nonporous, so when inflated with helium, a standard 11-inch balloon will stay inflated between three and five days in optimal conditions, whereas a latex balloon filled with air deflates in about 8 to 12 hours.
If you prefer to purchase latex balloons instead of non-latex balloons online, you can keep them inflated the longest by having them filled with helium. As a result, these balloons will last a little longer, usually between 14 and 20 hours. Regardless of which option you prefer, the most important thing is to buy a quality product.
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