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Chrome balloons

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Chrome effect balloons are latex balloons with a specific metallic sheen. They are made of high-quality natural latex and look very unusual thanks to the innovative pigments that are added to the rubber used to produce these items.

Being invented relatively recently, these balls have already gained crazy popularity among buyers all over the world. Using them, you can completely transform the interior in the shortest possible time, creating the perfect space for your big celebration!

Chrome balloons are perfect for any occasion, but most often people use them to create amazing decor for birthdays, weddings, or kids’ parties.

These items really look spectacular, as if they were made out of liquid metal. The mirror-metallic sheen immediately draws the attention, adds zest and festive vibes to your decor — you just can’t take your eyes off them! You can easily fall in love with these balloons!

Decorate the party with chrome balloons

  1. You can create lots of popular decorations from these balls such as arches, garlands, fountains, figures, clouds, and, of course, balloon walls that look magnificent with these inflatables. They look amazing combined with large metalized inflatable numbers. People usually order such centerpieces for decorating birthdays, anniversaries, and grad parties.
  2. With chrome helium balloons, any room or garden space will look spectacular, stylish, and unusual. Photo zones made with these items look especially impressive, and photos and videos taken in front of such a festive background always get lots of likes on social networks.
  3. To celebrate a birthday, buy balloons with congratulatory inscriptions or special inflatable items. For your beautiful anniversary, think of compositions of different-sized chrome balloons with numbers of various colors and a metallic finish. For decorating a children's celebration, opt for colorful fountains of balls of plain colors, mixed with Mylar superhero items.
  4. Even a small bunch of chrome balls of different sizes (both small and large) can be a great gift for any occasion!

We have a large assortment

At Balloons Online, you can buy chrome balloons of any type, color, and shape! To save you time and make your shopping process more relaxed and enjoyable, we have created a number of advanced filters that will help you search for products by different parameters:

  1. find a great variety of colors such as Blue, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Lilac, Mint Green, Pink, Pistachio, Rose Gold, Silver, Turquoise, Violet, and many more
  2. get latex, Mylar, and Foil items in one place at a reasonable price
  3. choose from a variety of sizes - grab different items sized from 21" to 36”

Order chrome balloons wholesale at Balloons Online

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We do our best to make quality balloons for your amazing chrome balloon decor more affordable!

What is the chrome balloons’ price?

Shop balloons for the best prices on the Web! Get premium-quality inflatables from $2,28 for a large 21" balloon to $13,50 for a two-piece set of 36" round items!