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Crystal clear balloons

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It’s time to create jaw-dropping centerpieces by combining magnificent crystal clearz balloons with other colored inflatables! Crystal items will help you take your decor to a new level. With their clear glossy finish that makes them look like huge soap bubbles, these spherical three-dimensional designs add exceptional detail to your party compositions.

Crystal clear balls are high-quality items made of dense latex. They go well with balloons of different types and colors and are used in creating almost any kind of decoration for any holidays — birthdays, grad celebrations, hen parties, weddings, baby showers, store openings, etc.

The main feature of Crystal inflatables is that you can stuff them with anything you want — delicate feathers, small colorful latex balls, sequins, confetti, LED strip, flower petals, and more! This allows you to make the decor that truly stands out!

Decorate the party with crystal clear balloons

  1. Helium-filled balloons look simply magical when tied to the festive table and chairs for guests with colorful ribbons. Just attach the ribbons to beautiful balloon weights and you'll be all set for the great party!
  2. You can cover helium-filled balloons with a thin LED garland and attach them to the wall or tree branches in your backyard. This decor is perfect for night parties, New Year, and Christmas celebrations: the light reflects on the balloon surface and gives your party venue a magical glow!
  3. You can create a stunning delicate decoration by creating tails for your helium crystal pastel balloons: just attach feathers, fresh flower buds, and greenery to a fishing line!
  4. Transparent balloons look great on the tops of balloon columns or as part of arches and garlands combined with other types of balloons.
  5. Clear helium balloons, reminiscent of soap bubbles, will be the perfect decoration for your pool party: tie them to the pieces of fishing line of different lengths, attach them to the weights, and then, throw the weights into the water!

We have a large assortment

At Balloons Online, you can easily get all types of crystal inflatables in no time — use multiple filters to shop balloons by various parameters!

  1. Check out the diverse color palette available — Blue, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, and Yellow items will help you create colorful decorations.
  2. Choose inflatables of various sizes, from small 5” balls to large 24” items.
  3. Find both latex items and big Mylar/Foil balls in one place.

How and where to buy clear crystal balloon?

If you are still looking for a place online with the most advantageous purchase conditions, then you can search no more! We've got everything you need to throw an amazing party: here, you can always buy crystal clearz balloons wholesale and at retail at the best price!

What is the crystal clear balloons price?

In our store, you can order crystal balloons of amazing quality from famous manufacturers (Anagram, Sempertex) at the lowest possible cost!

For example, you can pick up an 18" crystal clear balloon for just $1.46 or opt for a 24" Crystal Pastel Round ball (a set of 10 pieces) for only $14.67!