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Graduation Mylar and Foil Balloons

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  1. 11" Fashion Assortment Congratulations Round (50pcs)
    Qty in stock:89
    Special Price US $5.00 Regular Price US $10.00
  2. 11" Fashion Assortment Congratulations Round (6pcs)
    Qty in stock:98
    Special Price US $0.79 Regular Price US $1.25
  3. 18" #Done
    Qty in stock:32
    US $1.19
  4. 18" A+ Graduation
    Qty in stock:0
    Special Price US $0.77 Regular Price US $1.19
  5. 18" Achievement is Key
    Qty in stock:835
    US $1.36
  6. 18" Blue and Gold Grad
    Qty in stock:534
    US $1.36
  7. 18" Cheers Starburst
    Qty in stock:0
    US $1.19
  8. 18" Colorful Congrats
    Qty in stock:37
    US $0.80
  9. 18" Congrats Banner & Stars
    Qty in stock:7
    US $0.76
  10. 18" Congrats Bunting
    Qty in stock:453
    US $0.69
  11. 18" Congrats Festive
    Qty in stock:15
    US $0.80
  12. 18" Congrats Grad Colorful Dots
    Qty in stock:173
    US $1.36
  13. 18" Congrats Grad Happy Star
    Qty in stock:0
    US $1.46
  14. 18" Congrats Grad Shooting Stars
    Qty in stock:705
    US $1.36
  15. 18" Congrats Painterly Burst
    Qty in stock:7
    US $1.36
  16. 18" Congrats Shooting Star
    Qty in stock:228
    US $1.36
  17. 18" Congrats Stars & Streamers
    Qty in stock:11
    US $0.76
  18. 18" Congrats Stars on Navy
    Qty in stock:0
    US $1.36
  19. 18" Congrats Swirls
    Qty in stock:140
    US $1.36
  20. 18" Congratulation
    Qty in stock:58
    US $0.80
  21. 18" Congratulations Black
    Qty in stock:0
    US $0.80
  22. 18" Congratulations Dots
    Qty in stock:28
    US $0.76
  23. 18" Congratulations Elegant
    Qty in stock:0
    US $1.19
  24. 18" Congratulations On Your Confirmation
    Qty in stock:460
    Special Price US $0.30 Regular Price US $0.60
  25. 18" Congratulations Silver Dots
    Qty in stock:0
    US $1.36
  26. 18" Congratulations to the Grad
    Qty in stock:660
    US $1.36
  27. 18" Felicitations Eclats
    Qty in stock:11
    US $1.19
  28. 18" Festive Congrats
    Qty in stock:22
    US $0.76
  29. 18" Good Luck Clovers
    Qty in stock:93
    Special Price US $0.30 Regular Price US $0.48
  30. 18" Grad Panda
    Qty in stock:0
    US $1.36
  31. 18" Grad Rainbows
    Qty in stock:229
    US $1.36
  32. 18" Grad Rainbows All Around
    Qty in stock:315
    US $1.36
  33. 18" Grad Sparkle
    Qty in stock:804
    US $1.36
  34. 18" Grad With Cap Shape
    Qty in stock:0
    US $0.80
  35. 18" Its Your Day Radiant
    Qty in stock:58
    US $1.36
  36. 18" Navy Class of Awesome
    Qty in stock:0
    US $1.36
  37. 18" Rainbow Congrats
    Qty in stock:85
    US $1.99
  38. 18" Shape One Smart Cookie
    Qty in stock:65
    US $1.63
  39. 18" Star Class of 2018 White
    Qty in stock:1200
    Special Price US $0.42 Regular Price US $0.64
  40. 18" Star Rainbow Congrats
    Qty in stock:115
    US $1.46
  41. 18" The Adventure Begins Gold
    Qty in stock:750
    US $1.36
  42. 18" To Cheer You
    Qty in stock:0
    Special Price US $0.30 Regular Price US $0.76
  43. 18" Trend Success Begins Here
    Qty in stock:44
    US $1.46
  44. 18" Well Done Grad
    Qty in stock:0
    US $1.36
  45. 36" Congrats To You
    Qty in stock:0
    US $2.55
  46. 36" Star Burst Congrats
    Qty in stock:33
    Special Price US $1.35 Regular Price US $2.08
  47. 40" Your Time To Shine
    Qty in stock:0
    Special Price US $2.05 Regular Price US $3.16
  48. Bouquet Future Dreams
    Qty in stock:20
    Special Price US $5.21 Regular Price US $8.02
  49. Bouquet Grad Messages
    Qty in stock:0
    US $6.45
  50. Bouquet YAY Grad
    Qty in stock:0
    US $8.02

106 items

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Usually, adult life leaves little space for carefree childish fun. Therefore, teachers and parents should plan an unforgettable prom night that graduates will long remember. Graduation Mylar balloons are as popular as hiring a photographer or ordering a video shoot. And although the latter will leave pleasant and memorable photos, neither photos nor videos will ever give as much joy at the moment of celebration as colorful decorations!

Graduation happens once in a lifetime!

Graduation is not only an event that sums up all long years of school but also an old tradition that means a lot to teenagers, their parents, and teachers. Therefore, the celebration should be unforgettable, remembered as one of the happiest, carefree periods of children’s life. Bright, colorful, and sparkling graduation party balloons have long proven themselves as a perfect option for decorating a holiday.

Buy high-quality graduation Mylar balloons wholesale on the Balloons Online website to make your decorations look really festive and last longer so that you can bring all your boldest ideas to life! North America’s first and exclusive Sempertex distributor offers all existing types of balloons, accessories, and balloon decorations at the best possible prices!

We offer high-quality graduation foil balloons

It’s not so easy to decorate the entire hall with balloons so that it looks amazing. It is not enough to fix balloons randomly on the walls such — such decorations look too simple and won’t surprise anyone.

Graduation is the holiday that is worth trying to create something out of the ordinary! Check out what you can do with Mylar balloons.


Arches are perfect for decorating any area: a stage, a hall entrance, a room, a house entrance, or a backyard. You can create an arch by mixing latex and foil balloons, or you can use only Mylar graduation balloons with ribbons and tassel. Either way, it's a good idea to add foil balloon numbers and letters to the arch design to create eye-catching holiday accents.


These vertical structures are ideal for decorating both the stage and the party entrance. It is a good idea to place some columns along the main path to the house. You can find so many different column designs on the Web that you won't even be able to try them all!


Garlands are designers’ favorite decoration element: it's quite easy to create, but they help to cover large spaces and look just wonderful on walls, windows and doors, and on stair railings. Add ribbons and tassel to your Mylar balloon garland and get your party centerpiece ready!

Balloon figures, numbers, and letters

Graduation foil balloons congratulations can turn heads and emphasize the importance of the event. They are often used to decorate the stage, the walls, they can be used to create arches, garlands, and banners. Various themed figures like stars and bells are also often used at graduation parties.

Ceiling balloon decorations

Mylar graduation balloons are a cool decoration option that allows you to use the ceiling for your amazing creative experiments. By combining such decorations with beautiful draperies, you will create a real fairy tale that will make everyone raise their heads! Stars on the curtains and large stars with numbers near the screen will help to complement the composition.

Stage decor

A properly decorated stage is a good start to your graduation party! The background of the stage is usually decorated with balloon bells, stars, letters, numbers, and flowers. The front of the stage can be decorated with a huge balloon arch or balloon fountains.


Everyone loves to take photos, especially at parties! To make these photos outstanding and unique, try creating a beautiful photo zone using college graduation balloons! You can combine Mylar foil balloons with latex balloons, fresh flowers, tassel curtains, pom-poms for a fabulous effect!

Buy graduation balloons for an unforgettable party

When the grand event is coming, you want everything to go perfectly. With Balloons Online, you can rest assured about the quality of your holiday!

We offer only the highest-quality balloons (we sell Anagram, Convergram, Hi-Float, and other famous brands’ products). We also did our best to make the highest quality balloons more affordable for you: on Balloons Online, you can order balloons, accessories, and ready-made decorations at the most reasonable price.

While Mylar balloons cost more than latex balloons, buying them at wholesale prices can help you save money!

Create a unique holiday atmosphere

Each celebration is important and special. Therefore, you should try to create unique decorations for your celebration! It’s quite easy with bright and shiny Mylar balloons that come in a wide choice of colors and shapes! High-quality but cheap graduation balloons will help create stunning decorations for any budget!