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Neon balloons

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Who said you can't reach the stars? Fantastic trendy neon party balloons will create the feeling of a starry sky in your room! They are the best choice for a romantic date and birthday, a large-scale corporate party, or a soulful wedding ceremony.

They are good both as individual decorations and for creating your magical photo zone, and you can’t even imagine how beautiful they look floating under the ceiling or hanging from the tree branches!

A soft neon glow will create a magical atmosphere for indoor and outdoor celebrations. Launch them into the sky, and they will remind you of the Milky Way!

Decorate the party with neon balloons

Neon balloons are a modern and universal attribute for decorating parties for any occasion and all ages.

Make your festivity special by tying bunches of balloons with a string and laying them out on the table, filling them with helium and fixing them to your festive table or chairs, decorating window openings and stair railings with neon garlands, and adding cozy light to the evening celebration in the garden or at the pool!

If you don’t have much time to decorate, then just fill them with helium and let them soar under the ceiling: this will create the illusion of a sparkling canopy!

We have a large assortment

The most important thing in preparing your balloon décor for a big & loud party or a quiet family celebration is to find a place where you can choose items from a large assortment and order all the necessary items you need for your amazing decor at a great cost!

As is tradition, Balloons Online brings you the most impressive range of neon balls you could even imagine. Preparing for the holiday should bring only joy, so don’t waste your time and use our detailed filters to quickly find the things you need:

  1. different types: latex round and twisting, Foil and Mylar items
  2. both types of filling, air and helium
  3. wide range of sizes (from small 5” to large 60” items) and choice of neon colored balloons (more than 6 popular colors to choose from)
  4. miscellaneous shape: find round and square, heart, star, and crescent-shaped inflatables
  5. stunning design: choose from printed items and balls of a plain color

Order neon wholesale at Balloons Online

The good news is that in our store, you can shop neon balloons wholesale, as well as buy bulk neon balloons for your parties!

Different purchase options, along with constant promotions, discounts, and bonus programs will allow you to get everything you need for the celebration at the best possible price!

What is the price of neon color balloons?

Prices for neon balls by various manufacturers can vary significantly in different online stores. However, even if you compare prices in other places on the Web, you will see that our shop offers the most loyal prices for branded inflatables by the best, trusted manufacturers (namely Anagram, Sempertex, Convergram, Hi-Float, and many more!

On average, the price of one glowing balloon ranges from $0.70 for an 18" Birthday Candles Neon Mylar item to $9 for a pack of 660 Neon Assortment Link-O-Loons (50 pcs)