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Pastel balloons

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Pastel colored balloons are dense latex balls in pastel shades. They are opaque, bright, and typically large. The color palette is a pleasant surprise — pink, yellow, blue, white, black, vanilla, and many other colors are available!

Pastel inflatables are perfect for a wide variety of celebrations, where you need to create a delicate and elegant inflatable décor or dilute motley compositions. They look great both on their own and as part of different centerpieces.

Items of tender colors are a huge trend when it comes to creating a stunning photo zone: they go great with ribbons, pompoms, fresh flowers and greenery, and fabric of delicate shades. Such trendy decor is a guarantee that your decor will become adored on Instagram!

Decorate the party with pastel color balloons

These items can be used in different ways in your pastel balloon decor:

  1. You can add these helium balloons to the main gift for a birthday boy — such things can make both a child and an adult happy.
  2. You can create monochrome compositions by choosing your favorite color, or make multi-colored sets that look quite elegant and festive.
  3. Such balloons are simple, therefore, they can be safely combined with many other types of inflatables in the form of animals, fruits, printed products, marble, and chrome items.
  4. Pastel opaque balls look great in combination with transparent bubbles, filled with small multi-colored balls, feathers, or confetti.
  5. You can just grab a handful of colorful pastel helium balloons and let them rise to the ceiling — such a decor always creates a fabulous atmosphere!

We have a large assortment

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Shop any possible type of balloons — latex, Foil and Mylar, air or helium filled. Here, you will find Mylar ombre inflatables, printed items, balls of plain color, items of various shapes (round, square, butterfly-shaped, magnificent Orbz, and marble balls).

We offer different sizes of balls — from small 18” to large 36” items.

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What is the pastel balloons price?

Prices for pastel inflatables vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of balloons. However, in our catalog, you will find products from the world's most trusted manufacturers (Anagram, Sempertex, Convergram, Hi-Float, and many more) at a much lower cost than anywhere else on the Web.

For example, we can offer you the most amazing selection of items, from 21" big pastel items for $0.90 to 21" Pastel Orbz for $5.68.