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Large round balloons are a new trend that has already spread to the U.S. and Europe. The essence of such balloons is an impressive size and perfectly round shape. Such balloons provide a wide range of ideas for decoration and design, and can add new colors to any special event. If you've always wondered where to buy some cheap round balloons you can find it out below.

What Are Round Balloons Called?

There are three main types of round balloons: latex, foil & transparent bubble balloons. If you're looking for wholesale round balloons, Balloons Online is definitely your choice! Now let's dive a little deeper into the types of round balloons.


Progenitors of modern balloons existed 8 centuries ago, were made from animal skin and filled with natural gases, as described by historical sources. In the XX century, balloons began to look familiar to us. Made of latex, they come in a variety of shapes and colors.

Round latex balloons are made of natural material and are safe for people and nature. You do not have to worry about the environment releasing them into the sky at a festive event, because latex balls decompose naturally.

At Balloons Online you can find all types of round balloons bulk for everyone:

  1. classic or bright saturated colors;
  2. various shades of metallic colors;
  3. pastel colors;
  4. complex multi-colored ones, agate, ombré, etc.;
  5. with traditional inscriptions;
  6. with unusual funny inscriptions.

Latex balloons are widely used for modelling. Small in diameter, elongated balls in skillful hands turn into unusual figurines.

Foil Balloons

Foil inflatables have an infinite variety of shapes and sizes due to manufacturing technology. They are made from a special film, which is cut, like a fabric for clothes, and painted in the color you want. They perfectly hold their shape even if they are inflated with simple air. And they hold their shape for a longer time if they are inflated with helium. It is among these balloons you can find numbers and letters, figures of favorite fairy tale characters and animals, vehicles, stars, hearts, with or without inscriptions. In addition, you can decorate your holiday with a brightly colored foil action figure, such as a superhero.

Transparent Bubbles

These unusual balloons continue to gain popularity. A huge advantage is that they retain their properties for up to several weeks. Transparent Bubbles come completely transparent or with a
pattern. They can be filled with confetti or colored feathers. Not so long ago you were enthusiastically looking at them on the pages of famous influencers, and today you can order in bulk with same day delivery and make yourself and your loved ones happy.

Decorate the Party with Round Balloons

If you've ever wondered where you can get wholesale round balloon for decorations - Balloons Online is the answer! The most popular size at our website is from 24 to 36 inches. They also have a wide color palette. Both bright colors and pastel shades are popular. Due to the large size, such products can be used for:

  1. city festivities;
  2. design of stadiums and stages;
  3. exhibition halls with high ceilings;
  4. creating all kinds of figures and designs.

Often such balloons are further decorated with fabric or paper ribbons that are attached to the neck of the product. Another possibility is an advertising campaign using large round balloons. Such a product can be inscribed, branded with logos, using markers or oracal film.

Buy Round Balloons Retail and Wholesale at Balloons Online

You can buy the balloons you like from our Balloons Online store. When ordering, choose a suitable payment method and method of delivery. For details and advice please contact our managers by phone or online. Make any festive event at a bargain price with the products on our site! Also, you can buy balloons retail and get round balloons wholesale. Don't forget to regularly look at our promos to see what balloons you can buy at the best prices. Discounts and promotions on various product groups constantly appearing on the website.


Where to Buy Perfectly Round Balloons?

You can buy round balloons at Balloons Online. You can find all the types & sizes of balloons and get them for the best prices on the market. Also, don't forget to check out the latest promos to find out everything about all the sales market does.

Best Price on Round Balloons?

You can find the best price on round balloons at Balloons Online. The final price consists of: the amount of air balloons, the delivery type & whether you use a promo code or not.