Who are we? | Balloons Online


We are balloons.online, a new generation of a balloon supplier, where you can buy direct from the wholesaler at wholesale pricing. We strive to keep all costs down so we have eliminated our walk-in services and are able to focus completely on your online balloon order. You can feel safe and comfortable that our experienced team will be able to help you in any request you may have.

Our website was inspired by decorators, for decorators. We want to offer the best balloons the balloon industry has to offer. Focusing on providing the highest quality balloons and accessories at the best and simplest price model. Because we are a new company, we like to think of our website as a living and growing entity. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility, and we can make it happen. Our objective as a distributor is to design a place how you want it.

We carry many of the world’s finest balloon manufactures such as Anagram, Sempertex, Converusa, Hi-Float and many more.

Although we are located in Ontario, Canada, we ship nationwide and internationally. If you have any questions about our shipping, we encourage you to check out our Shipping Policies for all the information you may need.

Our wide selection offers different styles of balloons to fit everyone’s needs from single balloons to pre-packaged balloon bouquets as well as anything required to transform a room with beautiful balloon decor.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to send us an email at info@balloons.online