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Balloon Accessories

When throwing a party, or host a special event, consider using balloon accessories to complement the balloons themselves. Even a small accessory like balloon ribbon, lights, weights, or Hi-Float will make a world of difference, not only in appearance but also in functionality. Starting with balloon ribbon, you have a choice of multiple colors that range from subtle to bold. Therefore, these balloon accessories are ideal for any, and all events, including birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and more. Whether celebrating the birth of a newborn, or a teenager’s birthday, you are sure to find the perfect accompaniment to compliment the celebration at hand. Another wonderful accessory to keep in mind is Sparkle Lites. Like ribbon the lights come in a large variety of designs and colors. Sparkle Lites are LED lights designed to enhance tables and room décor for parties and events. Sparkle Lites allow you to transform your party into an event to remember, by turning balloons into illuminated spheres. They can adhere to balloon arches, and even highlight a present, or birthday cake. Sparkle Ribbon is a strand of LED lights that make a perfect addition to any floral arrangement, balloon arrangement, or centerpieces. Their uses are only limited by your imagination. There are other balloon accessories as well, such as balloon weights. When tied to the bottom of the balloon, the weights prevent the balloons from moving. There are many ways to use balloon weights, as such they are perfect when used to strategically place balloons around a dance floor at a wedding. That way, guests can dance the night away without tripping over balloons. The weights are designed to complement or contrast the many balloon designs offered. Hi-Float treatment is another item to keep in mind when purchasing latex balloons. You can use this type of treatment to extend the life of the balloons. Instead of deflating in just one or two days, they will retain their shape for up to a week. A 16-ounce container of Hi-Float will treat roughly 100, 11-inch round latex balloons. Refills and dispensers are also available. Balloons Online offers all of the balloon accessories mentioned. Although our products are already affordably priced, the balloon accessories give you a more definite “bang for your buck.” Browse our balloon accessories and other products today to place an order.

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