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how to tie a balloon step by step

Easy Ways to Tie Balloons - How to Tie a Balloon?

Created on March 18, 2021

We always associate air balloons with lightness, fun, and holiday mood. They immerse you in a carefree childhood, allow you to forget about problems, and just enjoy the moment.

It’s hard to imagine any event without bright balloons. They aim to decorate any room, making it unusual and fabulous. As long as you want to prolong the life of balloons, you should know how to tie a balloon. Otherwise, your air decor will wither in a couple of hours after blowing up. How to tie a balloon, so it doesn't deflate?

Guide on How to Tie a Balloon Knot in 4 steps

Each balloon has its size. Specialists don’t recommend inflating it more than it should be as that makes it more sensitive in contact with sharp objects. If it does not burst at once, it will, but a little later. Thus, before inflating the balloon, you need to know its final size. You can find out if you inflated the balloon correctly by the shape of the tail: if the tail is swollen, and there is a “pear” near the tie, you have overdone, and the next time you need to inflate so diligent. Take a look at 4 steps to learn how to easily tie a balloon.


Before blowing up the balloons, prepare a thin string or a thick thread. Cut a piece of twine of the desired length. It’s enough 18 — 20 cm. If you plan to have balloons hung upside down from the ceiling, the string length has to correspond to the required height.

baloon tying

Blow up a Balloon

Check up if your balloon has a long tail. Squeeze the balloon tail at the base with one hand. Take the opposite balloon side and twist it 4 — 5 times around its axis with another hand.


Make sure that air isn’t blown through the balloon. Wrap the prepared thread 3 — 4 times at the very base of the balloon tail. Try not to overdo and don’t rip the balloon tail.

Last Lap

The final stage and crucial is to tie the pinched balloon end with thread firmly. Done! Now you how to tie a balloon step by step, and once you inflate and tie all the balloons, you can start decorating your celebration venue.

Bonus: Other Ways to Tie a Balloon

There are many different technologies to decorate the desired place for a festive event. Balloon decoration gives more freedom to implement design solutions, create all kinds of elements. In addition, decorating a birthday, wedding events with balloons gives a lot of positive emotions.

Another easy way to tie a balloon is without a braid. You just need to know how to do it right. If you want to use this method, follow simple rules:

- Inflate the balloon, leaving a long tail.

- Clamp the tail base with your fingers, and pull it with your other hand a few times. Try to stretch the balloon tail out to 8 — 12 cm.

- Twist the tail around the index finger and thumb of the hand holding the balloon. You will have a loop.

- Pull the balloon tail through the loop and, gradually releasing it, tie the loop at the base.

how to easily tie a balloonHelium-filled balloons have another inflate technology. As you know, helium is a liquid gas that tends to seep even through the microscopic hole. Therefore, after inflating the balloon, it is important to how to tie a knot in a balloon so that the filler does not leave the balloon.

Helium-filled balloons have to be tied quickly and efficiently. Professional decorators often act like this: first, they tie a knot on the neck of an inflated balloon and then tie a ribbon to the knotted balloon. Some people may consider this method time-consuming and unreliable: the ribbon knot can be untied, and the ball will fly away.

It is much faster and safer to knot the ball neck at the same time as the braid. The result is a knot that clamps both the balloon neck and the braid passed through it.

See if you can use one more tip on how to tie a balloon fast. The balloon neck wraps around two fingers of the left hand (the index finger and middle one), pass the end of the braid between fingers. To make the neck wind easily on the fingers, it must be strongly stretched several times, and for the free passage of the braid, the index and middle fingers must be moved apart.

We hope that now the balloons you inflated will cheer you up for a long time and create the right atmosphere. If you need to make a balloon composition, you should use the second way. Balloon tying without a thread is more convenient and faster.

Your rich imagination will create a bright and unforgettable environment made of bouquets of balloons, garlands, arches, etc. You may draw on colorful, stylish balloons of various shapes and sizes to design elements and discreet compositions. When you know how to tie a balloon easily, you may create any design without outside help. Balloons Online provides the best balloons for any occasion at prices that make sense. Check us out at!