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Top 10 Cocomelon Theme Birthday Party Ideas to Impress Everyone

cocomelon theme party ideas
Created on December 21, 2021

The Coсomelon children's educational show has become a sensation on YouTube and Netflix. The toddler song videos are so popular that they are literally “stepping on the toes” of the legendary YouTube PewDiePie show and T-Series.

And, based on multiple parents’ posts, educational fun videos are a real find for moms and dads and the passion of little ones. Just check out Twitter, and it will become clear: for many parents, this children's show is one of the main topics for discussion!

So if you're going to throw a grand party for modern kids and don't know which theme to choose to make everyone happy, then such a themed party is a guaranteed success. And now we will share with you some of the top CoComelon themed birthday party décor ideas!

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Why Cocomelon theme for birthday is a great idea?

Having been in existence for 10 years, the Coсomelon show recently began to rapidly gain popularity.

The breakthrough happened in 2017-2019, and since August 2018, the YouTube channel began to receive three million new subscribers every month! In September 2019, it had about 60 million followers, and in January 2021, the number reached 103 million. According to the Social Blade website, the show is acquiring 100,000 subscribers every day!

The reason why the show gained incredible popularity is obvious: kids just LOVE IT! And many moms and dads admit that on Twitter. As many social network users claim, the adventures of 3D characters seem to hypnotize young viewers.

And since the kids are happy about everything that the characters of the show do, we think that the DIY CoComelon birthday theme is the best choice to make your children happy!

Cocomelon birthday party ideas for décor

As you may have guessed, this theme is a win-win idea for decorating kids’ parties, and the quality themed CoComelon birthday party decorations will help you perfectly do your job!

Keep in mind that every decoration should be stylized according to your main design concept, from cakes and glasses to a huge, bright balloon arch!

cocomelon themed birthday party

Themed colored balloon garland

Unique garland is one of the easiest yet stunning  CoComelon birthday decoration ideas. You can create it from the following materials in no time:

  • regular latex balloons of party colors and different sizes;
  • helium latex and Mylar balloons (you can also use transparent balloons with inscriptions);
  • inflatable numbers and letters (they will help you create an original congratulations inscription and put an emphasis on the age of the birthday person);
  • multi-colored banner;
  • inflatable characters of the show, that to delight the birthday boy and his friends more than anything else!

Balloon arch in the yard or above the table

Browsing through CoComelon birthday theme ideas, you cannot ignore the colorful arch that will help mark an important party area and instantly gather all fans of the legendary children's show around it!

In order to create such an arch, you will need the following:

  • latex balloons of different sizes (you can order several large round balloons with a print in the form of different fruits);
  • a few Mylar balls of “watermelon wedges” (you can make such items yourself by attaching a few small latex balls to each other and fixing them to the base made from a twisting balloon);
  • sprigs of greenery and decorative tassels to decorate your arch.

themed cocomelon birthday party decorations

Cocomelon birthday cake

If you start digging, you will find so many CoComelon cake ideas that you can completely get lost!

Modern cakes have an attractive, neat design, which uses three-dimensional figures of the main and secondary characters of the show, flowers, insects, as well as colorful inscriptions.

Such a cake will definitely become the centerpiece of the birthday, and children will be looking forward to this moment!

Balloon centerpiece with the main characters

If you're looking for impressive CoComelon birthday ideas, opt for the vibrant balloon centerpieces! Try to make DIY characters of the show — it will work perfectly and the children will definitely appreciate your efforts!

To create centerpieces you will need:

  • latex balls of different sizes and colors;
  • Mylar balls with characters' faces;
  • CoComelon paper characters for centerpiece decoration.

Using inflatables, you can easily create any centerpieces such as garlands, arches, columns, and even character figurines!

cocomelon party decorations ideas

Melon-flavored treats

Throwing your first birthday CoComelon themed birthday party and decorating your festive table, pay attention to creative melon-flavored treats, this should not only taste amazing but look delicious!

What do you like better: watermelon slices that look like real ones or toffee with a stunning melon aroma? We recommend that you try them all:

  • watermelon fruit slices;
  • sour patch green rind watermelon;
  • watermelon gummy bears;
  • jelly belly watermelon;
  • watermelon drops;
  • watermelon salt water taffy.

Watermelon cupcakes

In summer, there is nothing better than a slice of a cool watermelon! And if you're having a CoCo party, then making fun and sweet watermelon cupcakes is a must! These bright green treats with buttercream frosting and tiny seeds made from mini chocolate chips will make your guests drool!

By the way, you can choose any powdery cool eider flavor you like and mix it with buttercream for different flavors of watermelon, pink lemonade, mango, and kiwi-lime!

diy cocomelon birthday theme

Colorful and safe tableware

Get some multi-colored plates (choose the trendy colors of the show). Next to them, lay out safe cutlery of the corresponding colors, having previously wrapped them in beautiful napkins of the same color.

These CoComelon theme party ideas will help you turn your dining table into a fairy tale! If you want to emphasize the theme of the celebration even more, then attach Co Comelon themed stickers on the handles of the cutlery: this will help you immediately attract kids’ attention!

Themed invitations (printed or digital)

If you have some experience as a photo editor, you can create unique invitations yourself. If not, then you can find a bunch of editable CoCo invitations templates on the Web.

You can add an image of all the heroes of the show on your invitation, or use its individual characters. Use bright colors to attract attention and cheer up your guests in advance!

first birthday cocomelon themed birthday party

Tassels for tables

The easiest thing to do is to buy colorful bright tassels for decorating your festive table.

Also, you can decorate ordinary tablecloth tassels by attaching the smallest latex balloons with the printed faces of the characters of the show to them: this can become one of your most attractive CoComelon party ideas!

Also, you can order a whole tablecloth with images of hilarious characters of the show printed on it!

Colorful cocktails for adults

A party is not a party without colorful cocktails!

Adults also want to have some fun, and we have prepared something special for them: you can create colorful cocktails! The contrasting gradient colors look so mesmerizing that you just want to take a picture of your cocktail!

Lemonades, frappe, aqua murals, fruit punches, Spritzers — everything around should be bright! Do not forget about serving: multi-colored tubes, mint sprigs, citrus twists, figuratively cut fruits will appeal not only to children but also to grown-ups.

cocomelon birthday decoration ideas

CoComelon party decorations ideas

Designing a regular celebration, you can do with two or three colors, but if you want to throw a CoComelon party, get ready for an explosion of bright colors and multiple shades! The right color combination will help you create a decor that will look organic and holistic in any interior.

Toddlers just adore this show! They find it colorful, friendly, and funny, and they love these catchy nursery rhymes and animations. Bright and happy colors, balloons, banners, and delicious food will make this birthday the most memorable one for your child!